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Accidental Nicks and Dings on Firearms?

This is a discussion on Accidental Nicks and Dings on Firearms? within the Autoloaders forums, part of the Armory category; Originally Posted by 4thPointOfContact .If it's a tool it's gonna get scratched, if it's not a tool, ... why are you carrying it? I got ...

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Re: Accidental Nicks and Dings on Firearms?

Originally Posted by 4thPointOfContact View Post
.If it's a tool it's gonna get scratched, if it's not a tool, ... why are you carrying it?
I got to agree. To me guns fall into one of two categories, tool or collector item.

I guess for the rich folks out there you can add a third "jewellery". I'm not rich and I don't own custom engraved ivory handled anything, so I'll keep it at two.

Stop worrying about looks and worry about function. For example if you don't have any holster wear on your ccw, you are not training enough.
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Cringe .......... It surely can't be as bad as on TV when the guys yells, "drop your weapon" on concrete floor. Then he yells, "kick it over here". Worse than getting shot!
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Originally Posted by commonground View Post
Cringe .......... It surely can't be as bad as on TV when the guys yells, "drop your weapon" on concrete floor. Then he yells, "kick it over here". Worse than getting shot!
Should that ever happen in my case (knock on particle board), I'll bend down to set it on the ground and then slowly take three giant steps away while giving warning of my actions.
Dropped just the wrong way it could perhaps discharge, or if kicked hard enough it could injure an officer, both of which I would never wish.
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Originally Posted by Like A Boss View Post
...but my new 10/22 hasnt done anything, but has some nice scratches and a dinged up receiver pin hole from taking the pin out wrong...Is this normal wear?
It's normal if disassembling things 'wrong' is normal for you.

For me, impatience is almost always the cause of these errors. No, it's not normal wear because I think the definition of normal in this context would be the use of correct procedures and appropriate tools. I chalk it up to the price I pay for being impatient or lazy (too impatient to wait until I have the right tools, a clean bench, etc., and lazy when I don't take the time to read instructions or look up the problem).

Speaking for myself at least, it's the price I pay for not learning a lesson, for repeating behavior that I know will very likely have an unhappy outcome. It should sting when a part gets broken, a slide scratched, a pin marred due to not taking the time to find the tool and the procedure. At some point, the memories of how it feels to dork something up overcomes the discomfort of having to wait for gratification, and we set the project aside until it's the right time to do it. Until that legacy of shame is painful and embarrassing enough, I don't learn and continue to be lazy and impatient.

Truly 'normal' wear is something weapons users should be perfectly happy with. If a $3,500 "combat" pistol is something one owns because it's a work of the machinist's art, that's fine and there's nothing wrong with that at all. That owner has to make the choice though--use it very carefully to keep it pristine or don't shoot it at all, or admire it for what it can do and do it--and be okay with the holster wear, scuffs from the barricade, and a nicked corner on that rear sight. I have to be okay with the latter--my stuff has never looked new for long.

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Over the years, I have had a couple of collectors items. I had a love/hate relationship with them. I loved them because they were beautiful and rare, but hated them because I was gonna use them and they were going to get dinged up! I had a beautiful Parker-Hale bolt action rifle in .308 Winchester. I cringed every time I took it in the woods, fearing that I would scratch it. I also had a limited edition 6" Smith & Wesson Model 624 in .44 Special. They were both beautiful, but were not meant for nasty paws such as mine that were actually going to (heaven forbid) shoot them. I sold both to folks that would put them up on pedestals and just look at them in awe.

I now buy hunting rifles with oil finished wood or synthetic stocks. All of my pistols and shotguns are either stainless steel or matte black finished. I take care of them the best I can, but I still shoot the hell out of all of them. If one picks up a scratch or ding, I consider it "character". I repair them the best I can and don't worry about it. They are a working man's tools. Well cared for, but still obviously used!
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Fighting guns aren't supposed to be pretty. Wear the wear and tear with pride. Chicks dig scars and pretty boys are posers.

Show me a guy with a perfect finish on his gun, and I'll show you a guy who doesn't carry and shoot it.

I can't see anyone confusing an M&P as a BBQ gun. Don't sweat it.

Insert more catchphrases here....
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When you buy a new car, the first thing you should do is run a key down the side of it. That way, you won't have to worry about when the first mark is going to happen. Same with your new gun. LOL
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Accidental Nicks and Dings on Firearms?

Totally agree with the posts so far. It is a tool. It is funny that these issues are repeated in Harley forums, and for me often in guitar forums.

I have been shooting the snot out of my M&P 45, and while I take great care of the internals and maintenance, I have no worries. About the looks of it over time.

My Harley has rock chips in it, a few cigar ash issues, and a few lazy places that don't get cleaned well. No problem!

Guitarists are the twisted ones. Many of us will pay extra to buy a guitar that looks like it has been played hard for 20 years.

I wonder if there is a market for relic'ed firearms like there are guitars?

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