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This is a discussion on BG380 & LCP within the Autoloaders forums, part of the Armory category; All, I have an LCP that I do enjoy carrying due to it's ease of concealment. I have been pondering getting the BG380 since I ...

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BG380 & LCP

I have an LCP that I do enjoy carrying due to it's ease of concealment. I have been pondering getting the BG380 since I have a family of M&Ps that I love. Has anyone here had a chance to shoot both the LCP and BG380? If so, what are your thoughts on the two compared to one another? Opinions and feedback appreciated. Thanks.
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Have no experience with either weapon so I cant really offer any help other than this:

Ruger LCP .380 VS Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 - YouTube

After watching the video I think I'd prefer the S&W myself. The sights are way better on the BG380 than the LCP which to me would mean more accurate shot placement. Then again these little guns aren't meant for long range...
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Never had a BG380, but have pocket-carried an LCP for nearly 4 years now. Capacity & calber are the same between the two, so that's obviously a non-issue in the decision. The BG380 does have two advantages - better sights and second-strike capability. Better sights are a minor consideration to me on a pocket gun, and second-strike capability is something I've lived without on a lot of very good guns for a long time. Glocks, 1911's, M&P's; none have second-strike capability.

Other than those two things, the LCP has the advantage in pretty much every measurement. Height, thickness, oal, weight, etc. The dimensions and more tapered (less blocky) lines of the LCP make it my personal preference due to the better concealability; but to be fair, the differences aren't really that huge. Either one's still better than a lot of choices out there imo.

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BG380 & LCP

My girl has the BG and my sister just bought the LCP. I have shot both one after the other and they feel very similar to each other. I do prefer the way the BG handles and feels but I think the LCP has a better trigger. Personally I wouldn't bother switching unless, like you said, you wanted to keep it all S&W.
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Afternoon jsimpson4

I own both an LCP & a BG 380.

The LCP doesn't have much in the way of sights & the trigger pull is not the greatest but is has fired & ejected every round I have put through it. Not one issue with feeding or ejecting or firing. No issues even with white box or low power stuff. Up close it is a good point & shoot pocket pistol. On longer shots it doesn't have much to offer.

I can't say the above about my BG 380, that thing has better sights but still a long high pound trigger pull.

My BG 380 has had many/many issues, from the laser not working correctly, to the laser screw coming loose & jamming the slide, to the gun shooting upon trigger release (not pull but at release if a shot was aborted).
Probably itís number one issue has been failure to fire, in fact it has been back to S&W for repair 5 times including a new frame & other parts. The very same ammo that fired just fine in my LCP had many failure to fires in my BG 380.

I know of a few others with failure to fire issues in their BG 380 also.

I just don't have any confidence in my BG 380 as a carry gun so it never gets carried. I occasionally carry the LCP if I need a very discreet carry weapon.
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I have shot my friends lcp and the trigger takes some getting use to.
But now he is also fine with the trigger, carrys it ccw all the time.
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Thank you all. As much as I wanted to like the BG380, it seems iffy at this point.
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Mine is a slightly different perspective. I carried an LCP an entire summer, every time I trained my thoughts were about the weak ballistics requiring a perfect shot and only 7 chances make that shot. That caused me a bit of stress every time I carried it, so as soon as the colder weather came I ditched the LCP and carried my M&P40 full size.

As soon as the M&P40 Shield came out I knew I had found my new warm weather carry gun, and there's no stressing about inadequate ballistics with a 40S&W. The Shield is a very small step down from the full size in terms of power and accuracy, but such a big step in terms of concealability that I may continue to carry it during the winter months too. Only strapped on the f/s M&P a few times this last winter, even then it was mostly as an open carry.
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TCP? If you gt a good one, a better gun than the LCP. Better trigger, slide locks back, OK with +P

P3AT? The one Ruger cloned. Fit and finish not as nice, but trigger usually better than LCP but not as nice as TCP.

As mentioned above, these guns are best thought of as being better than unarmed but are not going to give the same performance as a .40 or a 9mm +P.
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[QUOTE=40fan;356261]TCP? If you gt a good one, a better gun than the LCP. Better trigger, slide locks back, OK with +P ]

Avoid the tcp, if you hesitate at all, the gun won't fire. You have to reset the trigger before it will fire again. Get the BG380 if you want something that small, second strike capability is a huge plus in a carry gun
Have the BG380 and it's a great carry piece for when I go running or want something light with athletic shorts
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