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Converting to MP Platform

This is a discussion on Converting to MP Platform within the Autoloaders forums, part of the Armory category; I was just curious how many converted from another platform to completely M&P and never looked back. What were the reasons you decided that M&P ...

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Converting to MP Platform

I was just curious how many converted from another platform to completely M&P and never looked back. What were the reasons you decided that M&P was the way to go? Just looking for others perspectives.
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I have a history with S&W going back to the M39 up thru the Gen 3 pistols. The current MP series is S&W third venture into the polymer framed striker fired pistol and they finally got it right.

That said I like continuity of purpose. One feature I like is the magazine disconnect.( I realize there are those that don't like it. Ok I get it but I like it.) Of the S&W Gen 3 pistols I've kept have that feature operable.

I like the fit to hand with the palm inserts, ambidextrous slide stop/release and the reversible magazine release (I don't use that feature because its a ingrained habit to use the index finger of the shooting hand) Ambidextrous design has come to late in life for me.

One thing I don't care for is the OEM trigger. It could and should be better. I fired enough rounds thru the MP9 that I got use to it. When I acquired a MP9c to complement the MP9 the Mp9C was a Mass compliant version but it had the magazine disconnect feature that I like. The MP9c trigger was heavy to say the least. That's when I decided to Apex Duty/Carry was necessary. With that change I decided to do the same with the full size MP also.

That's my story.
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Low bore axis.
"Correct" grip angle (similar to every gun made EXCEPT Glock.
Excellent ergonomics (I have very large hands).
American made.
Great customer service for competitors.
Plenty of accessories.
Many caliber/set-up options across all major calibers. (My carry gun is similar to my competition gun.)

The only semi-weak point is the trigger. I wouldn't call it bad, simply Apex did it better, and I can swap it out myself.

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Traded my Glock27 in for my M&P40C and never looked back. As soon as I picked up M&P and how good they feel in the hand, it wasn't a hard choice.
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I personally owned a 1911 and a CZ P-07 Duty before purchasing my M&P 9. I like my other two platforms but I plan to go to the police academy soon and their approved firearms list included only double action only, striker fire pistols. Because of this, I ended up choosing M&P over the other selections because of the high tang grip, adjustable back straps, easy recoil management, and proven reliability. It is a firearm that was recommended by many shooters as well as the Magpul Dynamic Handgun instructors. After shooting it with the APEX Trigger and Duty carry spring kit, it is certainly one of the best striker fire pistols I have shot to date.
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Originally Posted by jsimpson4 View Post
I was just curious how many converted from another platform to completely M&P and never looked back. What were the reasons you decided that M&P was the way to go? Just looking for others perspectives.
I can't really say that I converted totally as I still have my 1911's, Browning High Power, Walther PPK, Sigs, Glocks, an Xdm, and a few revolvers (mostly Smith & Wesson and Ruger), etc. I own M&P Pistols in the full size version of every caliber that they make. In some calibers, I have mutiple M&P pistols just different versions, i.e. Standard vs. Pro versions etc. I also have 3 Shields (2-9's and a 40). My gal Carries one of the Shield 9's, her daughter carries the other. I carry either my FS M&P 40 Pro Series or my Shield 40 the majority of the time. Although they are not bulls eye pistols, they serve their intended purpose as a HD/Combat/Range gun very well. Perhaps the most important deciding factors in purchasing a firearm be it either a carry pistol or a home defense pistol are:

1. Reliability,
2. Shootability-Natural Point of Aim,
3. Ergonomics,
4. Capacity
5. Able to conceal very comfortably,
6.Weight (applies to 1911's, Browning High Power, Beretta, Sig P-226, etc.), and
7. Warranty and parts availability.

The first 5 apply to, and are a must for any pistol, and/or revolver that I would consider carrying. Consideration 6 applies to the "Heavy Metal Guns" lol! As I get older, them all steel guns get heavier lol!.

Regarding full size pistols, let me say this: being an old 1911-45ACP and/or a .357 revolver guy, I had a hard time changing horses so to speak when it came to other calibers and/or platforms. I eventually migrated to a Browning High Power for higher capacity and it had better ergonomics as far as my hand was concerned. Then I became a Beretta Model 92F guy for the same reason (capacity). I found that I disliked the grips on my Beretta and it just didnít point well for me. Then I became a Sig P226 guy. I like my Sig and the grips are okay, but it has that long DA/SA length of pull on the trigger on the first shot. I then shot and carried Glocks for a very short while. I still shoot my Browning and my 1911ís and my Sig P-226 quite a bit. In fact, my Browning is still one of my favorite pistols and I have been shooting it for over 30 years. Again, the problem is that, the 1911ís, and my various other all steel guns are heavier to carry all day, and some are not as easy to conceal as my M&P full size pistols and certainly not as easy to conceal as my Shield. My Glocks seldom get shot.

As far as small guns go, prior to my current carry gun, a Shield 40, I carried a Ruger LCP 9. Prior to the Ruger, I carried a Glock 26. I went to the Ruger because the Glock grip angle does not suit me and the Glock is a little too thick for my tastes. I didnít like the grip or trigger on my Ruger much either, although I preferred the Rugerís grip to the Glock. Prior to that, I carried a Walther PPK in 380 for a long, long time (talk about a fun gun to shoot-Not!!!), prior to that I carried a S&W Model 36 Chief's Special revolver. I recently considered changing over the Springfield XDs 45. A couple of weeks ago, I took a friend of mine to the range with his brand spanking new XDs 45. Although I shot it better than he did, it still did not have a natural point of aim for me and was not as comfortable in my hand as my Shield or other pistols that I own of comparable size. It also has, in my opinion, limited mag capacity. I donít ever want to be in a real life position to test the theory that it just takes one 45 ACP to stop a threat.

Prior to my introduction to the M&Pís back in 07í, as previously stated, I carried mostly 1911ís or my Browning High Power. In fact, I didnít carry my full size M&Pís until about 3 years ago because I hated the trigger and did not want to spend a bunch of money on a $429.00 pistol. This was of course that I had heard the term ďApexĒ. It was also very difficult for me to make the switch to ďplasticĒ pistols. I also hated the trigger in my first M&P 9. The thought of carrying a plastic pistol just stuck in my craw. Prior to my purchase of the S&W M&P FS 9 in 07í and in my meager attempts to migrate away from all steel and wood pistols, I went through a short period of time when I tried to fall in love with the Glock platform. I really tried to love my Glock 22 and later, my Glock 19, and finally my Glock 26, however, none of my Glocks ever quite felt right in my hands due to the angle of their grip and the ďblockinessĒ of their grips. In spite of this I carried the 26 until I got my first Shield 9 a couple of years ago. I will admit that I have not shot a Gen 4 Glock yet which might take some of the felt ďblockinessĒ of Glock grips a little less noticeable, but, they still have not changed the grip angle. A lot of people say that the Glock is more accurate than the M&P. Off of a bench that may be true. Never having shot either the Glock or the M&P platform off of sand bagst or in a shooting rest, I cannot say one way or the other from my experience. In my less than capable hands and with my less than stellar eyesight, I tend to shoot the M&P better than I do the Glock. Glocks are great guns and I still own all three of mine. I just donít shoot them much.

The bottom line is this. I now shoot my M&P's more than any other pistols that I own. For me, the M&P is:

1. Reliable,
2. Accurate
3. The ergonomics fit and feel me better to me than any pistol that I have ever owned,
4. Natural point of aim (see ergonomics above) due to itís low bore axis and grip angle,
5. Lack of felt recoil (partially due to itís low bore axis),
6. Weight
7. Simple design. Easier to field strip than my all steel pistols, and is as easy as my Glocks,
8. Availability of aftermarket drop in parts and accessories availability, i.e. Apex, etc.
9. Initial purchase price. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase a new M&P,
10. Made in the USA, and,
1l. Last but not least S&W warranty and customer service is second to none.

I have a broad range of choices in weaponry in my safe from in rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers, when it comes to what I like to use for range guns, a carry guns, or a self-defense guns, hunting guns, etc. I like to shoot and train with what I carry in an effort to remain proficient. I guess that it follows that since I currently carry M&Pís almost exclusively and have done so for the last 3 years (2 for the Shield), that maybe I am a convert. If something else comes along that beats the M&P Platform in all of the various areas that I consider important to me and fits in well with my intended uses, I am sure that I will change to the new platform.

Bottom line: There is no perfect pistol/revolver/rifle/shotgun for every given scenario nor is there a one size fits all of any of the above for every person. The only way that one will really know for sure what they like is to acquire a lot of trigger time behind various platforms that they think that they might like. Then I suggest buying what they like and train, train, train! Then train some more. Training is much more fun and much more likely to take place with a platform that you personally find comfortable to shoot . Shooting should not be a chore (see my comments on my Walther PPK. It kicks like the proverbial baby mule due to its fixed barrel). A lot of my friends swear by their Glocks. A bunch more Swear by their 1911ís. I also have friends that will shoot nothing that does not have names like HK, Sig, etc. engraved on it. The choice is yours. The fun part is getting there.

I apologize in advance for the long read and ramblings of an old codger.
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Originally Posted by Keeter1911 View Post
I apologize in advance for the long read and ramblings of an old codger.
Well, at least you used white space (paragraphs and lists) and only misspelled one word!
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I don't necessarily agree with sticking to one platform, although some do that.. I use Glock and M&P.
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Originally Posted by TxM&P9 View Post
I don't necessarily agree with sticking to one platform, although some do that.. I use Glock and M&P.
Ditto! I have tried though... People are always surprised when they inquire what I shoot and I answer Glocks and M&Ps. They say most people are either for one or the other. That being said, I do see a lot of Glock guys with Shields.
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