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This is a discussion on KelTec Sub2k within the Autoloaders forums, part of the Armory category; AKA the Sub2000. (S2k from now on in this post) I had one on order through my local gun shop for 5 months, then something ...

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KelTec Sub2k

AKA the Sub2000. (S2k from now on in this post)

I had one on order through my local gun shop for 5 months, then something happened to prompt me to get one on my own and not wait for them.

I wanted it in the M&P mag' version and in 9mm, specifically for USPSA PCC division competition. So the day I decided to find one on my own I found one on and won the auction on the next day.

I want to state right up front that I liked the gun and the idea of the gun from the first time that I saw a Gen 1 Sub2k. I liked it's size and weight and just basically what it was supposed to be. If one is going to have a long gun it needs to be as short and light as this one is. Basically it's a first gen submachine gun in design, that only fires semi-auto. It's a stick with everything in line. I also like designs where one part serves a few functions. Disassemble this gun and you'll know what I mean. It has what is required to make it work and no Rube Goldberg excess parts. Nice engineering.

So my gun arrived last Friday, and on Saturday I shot it. I have a range at my home. I also sighted in the open sights for 50 yards. Then I cannibalized an Aimpoint CompM3 and slapped it onto the S2k. That got sighted in also. I practiced with it a bit and decided, "Yes, shoot this tomorrow at the match.". So I did. I brought my M&P just in case I changed my mind at the last minute, but it stayed cased. The main reason I wanted to shoot it is that I shoot in Carry Optics division with a 10 round mag limit. This match was going to be a special high round count match and extended mags would be nice to use. PCC division has no mag size limit and that came in handy. I still had to recharge the gun for 2 stages. My extended mags have a 27 round capacity. One stage was 28 rounds, and the other 30 rounds. The Glock mag version wouldn't have that problem, but I wanted M&P mags.

So how did I do? OK for a first time with a brand new gun. I need to work on my reloads a bit. I think due to the bullet shape and the leade in the barrel I couldn't manually unload the gun, firing it instead to remove the chambered round. But accuracy is good as I learned on Saturday, and It handles fine. I need to mount a different optic higher and differently so that I can fold the gun again (midwest industries). As it sits now the gun can't be fully folded. By sitting low it also clutters up the sight picture with the open sights.

I thought that the trigger might be a problem, but in use I didn't find that at all, and after the match the trigger was actually much better than before. I had trigger springs, trigger, and trigger guard on hand (Mcarbo), so yesterday I installed the parts. The trigger is lighter today, has a better trigger for the finger and an aluminum alloy trigger guard.

So for a little over $200 more (for the mount and optic) my new S2k will be complete and a better gun for competition. It was good before, but it'll be better. After I change that I'll probably use it as is, to see if anything else needs changing. About all that can be done additionally is a new front sight and a rear sight that I can lay down and get out of the way, but with a higher optic I don't think any of that will be required.

I did get some malfunctions with it, but they were induced by me and not the fault of the gun. Twice I didn't get the mag' seated fully and had failures to feed. Other than that it ran fine and fast. Now that I've shot it in a competition I like it even better now than when it was merely a twinkle in my eye. Nice little gun for what it is, and it won't break the bank to allow one to enter into PCC division. It's usable right out of the box, but an optic does make it faster. Now I'm looking for a stage that has some distant targets... all A zone hits if I do my part.

Oh, I did need to put some blue loc-tite on the thread protector at the end of the barrel. It seemed to loosen under firing. It's no big deal, I put loc-tite on lots of threads on all sorts of guns just to be certain.

Pix or it didn't happen...

Here it isn't fully folded due to the optic, but it still easily fits into a laptop case.

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Congrats on your find; sounds like a nice little carbine!
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Thanks Rick.

There were lots of them on gunbroker, but most sellers want a premium for them. It's pure supply and demand. The one I found had been listed strangely and only 2 of us bid on it. Even with shipping and paying a local dealer for the transfer it was still under MSPR. I got lucky.
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I like my little SU-16c that I picked up a few years ago. Folds up into a small package and still fires folded. I added the compact forearm and a red dot, its a formidable weapon.
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I just got one, myself. It's a fun little gun, for sure. I got the one that takes M&P 9mm mags.
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Congratulations Brian!
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Wow, 5 months on order from your LGS ?
Glad you finally got one on your own.
I've been wanting the Kel-Tec to go with my M&P .40's, but read somewhere that the S&W version of the Sub used S&W 4006 Mags. Does anyone know if M&P mags will work in that variation of the Sub2000 ?
I'd be surprised if Kel-tec was making a carbine that used anything but the current S&W autoloader mags.
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Sandog, mine uses M&P mags. I saw somewhere where they have, or had one, that used S&W 59 mags. Just specify what model you want.

Yes, it was AT LEAST 5 months. I went in and ordered it. Approx' a month later I went in to inquire and was told that when it came in I would be called. So I took that as a "Please don't bother us by asking." so of comment. So I didn't. I stopped back in and saw a Sub2k on the countertop. I asked if it used M&P mags. It did, so I announced that if no one else was ahead of me on the list that the gun was mine. I also explained that I hadn't been home yet that day so I didn't get the call, thinking that it just arrived that day. There was a woman standing next to me saying nothing during all of this. I found out later that were in the process of selling my gun to her. They never called me. I asked how long it would take for them to get another and was told 1-2 weeks. I waited until the next week and asked if they found another. They hadn't; I don't think they even looked. So I went onto gunbroker and found mine. The next day the auction ended and I had my gun all except for the shipping to a different local dealer and the transfer. That took another week. After I had mine in my hands the first dealer still hadn't found one. Phooey on them! Clearly they're too busy, so I'll help them by taking my business elsewhere. Gunbroker is incredibly easy to use.
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And here it is today. The Aimpoint is off, a "proper" mount that allows the gun to fully fold is in place, with a much smaller optic. The laser seen in the pix is no longer on it.

The mount instructions say to use the 4th MLok slot for installation, but if one does that the operating handle can't be fully let forward at rest. The handle must be kept semi-retracted or it will slam into the optic. But I looked at the slots and the optic and I thought there would be room for my preferred installation in the 3rd slot. Sure enough, in the 3rd slot the handle can be let fully forward, and no silly para cord is used to save the optic from getting smashed. Another benefit is that with the smaller optic further away I have more field of view aroud the optic. It's sort of like a scout rifle.

I got to looking at the muzzle and wasn't in favor of the (basically) no crown to protect the most critical part of the rifling, so off came the OEM thread protector and on went a much longer one. Now the rifling is recessed big time. Now if I hit a barricade or wall I won't ding up the rifling. The pics are before and after. One drop of blue loctite finished it.

I'm considering adding a 200mw green laser for close shots to simplify the my aiming point due to the difference in height between the line of bore and line of sight. We'll see about that though. That laser should be easily visible close up and in full daylight. As competition shots get further the A zone also gets larger and the bore and sight lines get closer to each other and won't be a problem. I've never seen a head shot only target at more than a few yards (10?) which is where the laser would come in.

I have one more competition before I have a few months with no competition shooting for me*, so I have time to work on it.

*The matches move indoors due to weather, but I don't shoot indoors.
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Quite a bit has happened since the last post. The optic pictured has been found to be defective. Primary Arms cust' service was exemplary. The same day I called they had an RMA in my inbox. The next day it was in the UPS system and headed back. The next day after they received the faulty one they had a new one in the mail to me. It's back on the gun and sighted in. No problems this time (so far).

The green laser has developed a problem and we're in negotiations for a replacement. But in my testing I found it to work fine for what I want it to do. The unit is a bit large and makes the gun muzzle heavy so I don't know if that will be an advantage or not. But PCC division is all about testing and finding what works and evolving the division and the gear.

The gun and I should be up to speed for the next outdoor match in April.
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