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Gun Safety And Children

This is a discussion on Gun Safety And Children within the Bigfoot Gun Belts forums, part of the Vendors category; It isn't the case that children can't learn firearm safety, but it is the case that kids and guns should be kept as separate as ...

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Post Gun Safety And Children

It isn't the case that children can't learn firearm safety, but it is the case that kids and guns should be kept as separate as possible for the most part. Not only is it responsible ownership, it's also responsible parenting.

This is a very weighty issue. Numerous tragedies that have occurred because careless gun owners allowed children to gain access to firearms, which certainly is not practicing good gun safety. However, the solution is very simple..

Continue reading at: Blog - Gun Safety And Children: Keeping Kids Away From Guns
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I must admit that I didn't read the link.

I have found that "gun proofing" works very nicely.

Many decades ago when we first moved to Maine our nephews came up to visit with their parents. Since I own firearms and at that time had no safe I decided to educate the nephews as to the firearm issue.

I took a gallon milk jug filled with water and a bunch of red food color and set it out a short distance, maybe 15 yards. I put a 125gr .357 HP into the jug. I deliberately didn't give them hearing protection for full effect. The noise and the red effect told them not to play with my firearms, as did my words. I also added that if they saw guns and wanted to handle and shoot them to let me know and I'd oblige them under my supervision; otherwise, don't touch. I later saw them discussing a WW2 rifle I was working on in my shop, without touching, just pointing. When I saw that I asked if they would like to hold it. They did, so I obliged. They remember that to this day and they are now in their 40s.

Totally keeping them away doesn't work. Education does work. Today they are safe gun handlers, one is a cop and loves to come up to shoot. OK, they both do, and at least one of their kids wants to learn. They'll be up in a few weeks. Can you guess what training he'll get? Gun proofing works. But one must follow through and not merely use it to keep children away from guns.

BTW, I just finished this last weekend with the Area7 USPSA action pistol match. The youngest shooter was 9 years old and while he needed something to stand on to use the ports, he was a fantastic shooter; far better than me. It was a pleasure to see him shoot and I heard nothing but good comments re: him. We will be hearing more from "Jake" I have no doubt. BTW, he was shooting an Open gun @ 4 years old with his dads help. (I asked his dad)
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