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Why do you carry a gun?

This is a discussion on Why do you carry a gun? within the CCW forums, part of the Armory category; I was hanging out with an old buddy I haven't seen in a while the other day and we got to talking about guns (no ...

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I was hanging out with an old buddy I haven't seen in a while the other day and we got to talking about guns (no surprise there). He asked me why I felt I needed to carry a gun. I told him a story I thought he already knew but apparently he didn't. About 4 years ago I was robbed. I was in a less desirable part of town and I was approached by two men while I was getting out of my car to go into a buddies house. One of the men pulled out a gun and demanded that I give him my keys and all of my money. I knew I had no chance of fighting my way out of this so I complied and gave him my keys and my money (a whopping $20). Until that moment I didn't think I needed to carry a gun. Soon after that happened I applied for my permit to carry here in Michigan. Even if this happened to me today I would probably still give up my car and would only draw my gun if I thought if was absolutely necessary, it just makes me feel more comfortable knowing I have that option. I'm much more aware of my surroundings these days. So besides it being a right for some of us why do you guys with permits carry? Was there any event that took place that made you decide to carry a gun?
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...a cop is too heavy to carry 911 can take forever Seriously, you can have my money or my truck. But if you are going to hurt me or my family doing that, "you/they" loose. I'm going down fighting.
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Why do I carry a gun?.... To be the one in control of my immediate environment, plain & simple.
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It's all about how a criminal picks his target. I've been told that most criminals are concerned with being shot by their victims. My state has a very high rate of concealed carry and I'm sure the criminal element knows that.
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Because i take personal responsibility for my own safety.
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This sounds like a smartass reply but it is very telling..."when seconds count, the police are only minutes away."
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Because I can.

While my daily threat level does not normally warrant the carry of a concealed weapon, there is always one close in a vehicle if needed. When I am outdoors, I carry for 2 legged critters, 4 legged critters, and the ones that hiss in the grass.
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Originally Posted by Maverick9110e View Post
Because i take personal responsibility for my own safety.


My wife asked me 2 weeks ago "Have you always been afraid?" and I replied "I'm not afraid but I've always been aware of my surroundings, I want to make sure myself and my family don't become a victim of one act of random violence and I take personal responsibility for my own saftey."

It's not about being afraid but about being prepared for that one time when crap hits the fan. I want a fighting chance to protect myself and the family. Plain and simple.
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Same reason I have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.
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For the same reason I carry a first aid kit hiking a life jacket kayaking tool box in my truck and a tire pump on by bicycle. Youn never know when one could come in handy.
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A few reasons....

1) As stated: Same reason I have a fire extinguisher. I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, it's there.

2) If the Government issued me a personal cop, who followed me around 24/7 to "protect and serve" me, I wouldn't need it... Of course I shoot competitively with multiple cops every week... I think I'd still carry!

3) Because my rights, as an American citizen, include the right to keep and bear arms. And neglecting to exercise a right, is like neglecting to exercise a muscle. If you don't exercise your rights, it is easier for you to accept them being taken away. Like the first amendment, or the third, this right, I will NOT relinquish.

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I choose to be responsible for my own safety and that of my family. Nobody else can or will protect us from the planned and random acts of violence that have become all too common in our society.
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I carry so I can be in control of a given situation if needed. I hope to never need to draw my weapon but I want that option. The way I see it 911 is about useless. Chances of LE being nearby is slim and almost never preemptive. They are usually around for cleanup. I don't want to be that cleanup.
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I was robbed by a Cuban "freedom flotilla" violent criminal in Florida in 1986. SOB got caught and deported. Years later I came to the conclusion that if criminals carry guns, then law abiding citizens should also. In addition, I also believe that one must exercise the right to bear arms or loose that right, especially when local, state and federal elected officals state that the US Constituion is "relative", and that citizens should not be armed. So, now I am armed, ready to defend myself, family and my God given rights as a citzen of the United States of America.
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This is a good thread, it never hurts to take a moment and consider 'Why' do I carry a gun.

I always smile at the very true comment that the police, when seconds count, are only minutes away. Course I always add I wouldn't want the police to always be seconds away because then we would be living in a police state.

For me it's best said I feel I'm taking responsibility for my family and my own safety.

Like another poster said, it would take a lot for me to actually draw a weapon. Want my wallet? Here ya go. Wife's purse, sure. Car keys? Yep, no problem. I'm going to cancel our CC in about two minutes, and my car has insurance.

But you never know when there a lunatic out there that just out to hurt people. Maybe gang or drug violence; maybe an off their rocker road rager. Maybe a pack of wild dogs. Maybe zombies, who knows...
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