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Restaurant gun ban sign

This is a discussion on Restaurant gun ban sign within the CCW forums, part of the Armory category; Originally Posted by Robotech You can't carry into our sportsman's club bar/restaurant as Michigan law prohibits doing so in any place licensed to serve alcohol. ...

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Originally Posted by Robotech View Post
You can't carry into our sportsman's club bar/restaurant as Michigan law prohibits doing so in any place licensed to serve alcohol. While this is a major inconvenience at a club with a large portion of the membership involved in shooting sports and also having concealed carry permits, most of us would rather not risk having the bar closed due to violations.

On the other hand, the sign at the door to the indoor range prohibiting loaded guns in the ready-room, including concealed carry weapons, is just, um, "poorly thought out." You want me to take out and unload my weapon in the car, carry everything through the ready-room, and reload it once on the range??? Prohibiting loadING weapons in the ready-room makes sense from a safety perspective. Stopping someone from simply carrying an already loaded weapon through the room, less so. Nonsensical rules are less likely to be followed, and lead some people to hold other rules there in contempt as well.
Michigan has the 51% rule, as far as alcohol is concerned.
Just can't be drinking.
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Originally Posted by MaddMax View Post
Guns are not aloud in any bars here. If a No Weapons sign is posted all the owner can do is ask you to leave if you're caught. IF you refuse you can be charged with trespassing is all.

Best thing to do is not give them your business and let them know you don't feel save in a gun free zone because only fools and honest people will follow those stupid rules.
This is what I was also told in my Illinois CCW class. The sign is a 'request' more than a law and refusing to comply will likely result in being asked to leave (if caught) and only then if you refuse to comply, you're trespassing. I don't think I'd fully test the advice without speaking to a police officer/lawyer about it first, just saying FYI
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If you can't see it what the f is the problem. To much thinking about one subject. If you have a CCW who cares.if you don't,carry else where.other then that why are you open carrying in the first place? You would be my first target.get a CCW and keep the mouth shut and give the robber or active shooter a surprise... End of story.. People intend to act like they give a s$it about what other people think when they go out eating or your safety more important?if so F them and carry on .......
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Oh by the way.what does the state law say?do what state says.if some one notices it and call you in or they ask you too leave.then leave but other then that f them ...
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Not worth it

My 2 cents, It's not worth the risk, depending on where you live, all it takes is an over -zealous prosecutor who wants to make an example of you. Take your business elsewhere.
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In Maine if the establishment derives the majority of their revenue from the sale of liquor one can't carry there. I have yet to inquire to look at their books. :-) But I also never enter a bar so I don't carry there. (The problem never arises)

Still Maine, other establishments can post signs, but they have no force of law, and if one is carrying concealed correctly how would they know? But if made they can ask me to leave and if I don't it's criminal trespass. That would be the crime, not carrying.

Unless prohibited by law just ignore the sign and carry correctly. Anything other is just looking for trouble.

Maine also has a 2 tiered CCW system since there is no requirement for a permit, yet permits exist. But permitees do have privileges that Constitutional Carry folks don't have.
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In Wisconsin, you can be in a bar, as long as your not consuming alcohol. I usually take my business elsewhere, but some of the places I really like, so I ignore the sign. They can ask you to leave, and then that is what you do, never to return. Some of the malls have signs, but usually not on all of the entrances. I enter where there is not a sign, so I play stupid. Hey, if it isn't marked, how are you to know??????????
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