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Legal protection in a shooting situation

This is a discussion on Legal protection in a shooting situation within the CCW forums, part of the Armory category; Hi y’all, Are you all aware of any legal services that a gun owner can join or be affiliated to just in case an actual ...

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Old September 7th, 2015, 10:16 PM   #1
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Legal protection in a shooting situation

Hi y’all,

Are you all aware of any legal services that a gun owner can join or be affiliated to just in case an actual shooting occurs and we are involved with it?
I'm thinking of both within our own property line and outside.

A friend of mine was asking if this is worth it?
CCW Safe National|CCW Safe Weapon Liability|CCW Safe Defense Attorneys

Any thoughts ?
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Nice link, Ill have to give it a good looking over..

Ive heard these guys mentioned
on our local talk radio station on a regular basis.

I think both links are worthy of investigation...

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There are plenty of these services, make sure you compare what they cover. Some don't pay until you are acquitted, some pay civil and criminal, others don't, and so on. Find what you're comfortable with and pray that you're wasting your money.

FWIW, you may have some coverage under a homeowners policy or may be able to add a simple blanket policy inexpensively.

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Some only do reimbursements after you've put your $$ out up front.

If you decide to hire such a service; do plenty of looking up front before you sign any contracts!
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CCW Safe National|CCW Safe Weapon Liability|CCW Safe Defense Attorneys

They will answer any questions you have. Even the COO Stan Campbell called me personally when I had a question.
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Old January 15th, 2016, 04:30 AM   #6
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I did a lot of research on line and went with CCW SAFE. At least to me they seemed to be the best for legal protection. Price for my wife and I is $159 per year. But I understand its going up abit in 2016.
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U.S. Law Shield. Not advocating, just saw an ad. Hope this helps
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Originally Posted by Bocephus View Post
U.S. Law Shield. Not advocating, just saw an ad. Hope this helps
My understanding is, none of them will actually pay unless you are completely cleared. It may be sort of a scam. I would have to actually hear from someone who needed the coverage and see what the result was.
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Old March 8th, 2016, 03:33 PM   #9
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Having good legal representation in a SD situation is a good thing but what you do immediately following that situation will weigh heavily on how your attorney handles your defense.

If you are the one calling 911, what you say can have serious repercussions in court.

No matter if you know for a fact that your assailant is dead, when the 911 operator answers the first thing you say is you need an ambulance and the police. You must say it in that order. This comes into play if you go to court.

A rabid prosecutor will try to paint you as some sort of Rambo who was looking for a fight. Undoubtedly the 911 call will be played in court. By requesting an ambulance first, your lawyer can show that even in the face of defending yourself from assault you had the compassion to call for an ambulance for the assailant.

The second rule is never tell the 911 operator you just shot someone. You simply say there has been a shooting and you need the ambulance and the police.

The third rule involves the police. As a law-abiding citizen your first instinct is to be as cooperative as possible with the police.

You need to fight this instinct.

Anything you say to the police will be used against you in court.

Know this, you are going to be taken to the police station and in all probability be detained for a time perhaps overnight. No amount of cooperation with the police will alter this fact.

When the police try to get a statement, calmly say something to the effect of, "With all due respect, I reserve my right to remain silent until I have spoken to an attorney."

Most officers will respect that and back off. Some may try to convince you that cooperating immediately is in your best interest. Do not fall for it.

Your immediate cooperation is not as much in your best interest than that of the police and possibly the prosecutor.

Wait for your attorney!!!

Failure to follow this protocol can make your attorney's job of defending you incredibly more difficult if not impossible.

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Sound advice LR.

You must state that you're silent until you speak with an attorney, otherwise your silence can be used against you. Yeah, it's come to that.
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and have the weapon in clear view UNLOADED on the table where you are not at. with your ID and CCW permit if you have one.

turn off any and all computers, cellphones etc.
all weapons not involved locked up in the safe. (pending at home).

be polite let the 911 operator know how you are dressed and you are the good guy. (helps the police when they arrive).

Never try to clean up or change the site of the shooting.

call your lawyer after calling 911. (you do have one?).

only question you can answer is this your name (as printed on your ID). after that state i would respectfully decline any questing till after i speak with my attorney. and then.


you are going to jail, you are going to be booked for homicide. (in Ca).
so live with that.

be ready to have your lawyer prove you are not guilty, (wrong way for this to be).

then be ready for a civil suit where the crook or there family's will sue you for CASH. crooks are very greedy.

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After you compare...

I've had USCCA for years. It gets better every year.
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USCCA works best for me, with their self defense liability protection, excellent publications, training programs, and the option of paying their coverage fee monthly. Recommend you check out all your options.
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Legal protection in a shooting situation

For what its worth I have Texas Law Shield
For 10.95 a month its worth it for the knowledge that IF I ever was FORCED to use my gun I at least have some protection.

The legal mess would be bad enough with a legal service imagine the bs without or after the fact obtainment.

I Live For Myself and I Answer to No One.
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Originally Posted by Bocephus View Post
U.S. Law Shield. Not advocating, just saw an ad. Hope this helps
they say phone is answered 24 7 365. by a attorney?

one licensed and holds a valid permit, as well as really goes into court for people? (in gun related problems?) in the United States? or a over seas attorney in a podunk country?

sad we have to even think of attorneys to keep us out of jail/prison. but in this sue happy society we live in things like this have become a must have.
and in prison the crooks learn how to sue for everything. and even get taken to a outside hospital for exams not related to there genders. if for no other reason than to cause problems for the "state" aka: us tax payers.

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