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I've been shooting IDPA for about 14 yrs. IMO depends on your "game". In IDPA, the whole point is to shoot what you carry, like you carry. We don't like gaming, we have rules against gaming. In our competition sport, the way to get better scores is to SLOW DOWN and get good hits. Be efficient in your movements. Don't do anything to get penalties.

Btw, in the last IDPA U.S,. Natl Championship, the top 5 gun models were: Glock 34- 62; S&W M&P Pro 9mm-35; S&W M&P9- 22; Glock 17-14; other models- 85. Put another way: 97 shooters shot Glock; 87 shot S&W; 42 shot SA; 22 shot STI; 21 shot CZ; 15 shot Wilson Combat; 11 shot Nighthawk Custom; 10 shot Kimber; 7 shot Walther; 6 shot Caspian.
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I presently own a first run Shield, a late model 4.25" pro made in 2015, a XD SC HC and a XD Tacticle. So I have a little experience with polymer framed HGs triggers. I also have a considerable amount of experience with Glock triggers as well.

IMHO the trigger on both my Shield and Pro are for my applications just about right and I still am learning to shoot these guns to their full accuracy potential. I know my Pro can shoot MUCH better than I presently can, and my Shield has quite good bordering on excellent accuracy for a pure self defense designed HG.

I just spent 5+ months dry-firing countless numbers of full sized Glocks M&Ps, PPQ-M2s, CZs, and VP9s, and all save for the CZ's triggers were more than sufficient IMHO for anything but serious competition. Similar to what was said for $150 or less you can upgrade the trigger of your M&P or Glock, to what ever suits your needs. I might modify my Pro so I have a better reset, but I'm going to put at least 1K more rounds through it before I do that.
The way I look at it my HGs are for fun and protection, not bulls eye competition shooting.
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Originally Posted by GlockBlock View Post
One thing you could do to try and get the pull Back above 5# is stretch it a little by pulling it on opposite ends between your two hands. Pull it slowly and you should feel the spring stretch a little. We're not talking about a lot here.

Also, if you are shooting in the states in USPSA you can really modify the heck out of the M&P platform and still maintain "production" classification. Apex internals are allowed, heavier guide rods are allowed, lighter weight springs are allowed, aftermarket sights (non-optic) are allowed.

You can get away with quite a lot in the production USPSA class
Well, yes and no... The new provisional Carry Optics division is basically Production Optics. It allows micro red dots mounted on the slide.

As far as mods to a production gun, basically if it's visible externally it can't be done. One exception is an after market barrel as long as it's the same length. It also still needs to make weight from what I understand. Yup, that allows quite a bit. It allows for a very nice trigger weight and break.

Mine began as a #10098 and with swapping the ported barrel for a unported I was OK in Production. (I'm actually in Carry Optics)

For me Glocks don't have the right grip angle, so they were out, and the XD just didn't feel right. The M&P fit my hand and felt great, the rest was all internal work. It's still not a 1911 trigger, but for a striker fired gun it's very nice.

Yup, I agree, competitors are going to work on the trigger anyway, eventually, so why agonize over the out of the box feel? BTW, my #10098 had a pretty decent trigger out of the box, but it's even better now.
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