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This is a discussion on Competition Mods within the Competition forums, part of the Shooting category; OP, contact the match director at Frostproof and he can fill you in Shannon L Smith Frostproof, FL 33843 Phone: (813) 732-5249 Email:

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Old February 12th, 2015, 10:02 AM   #16
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OP, contact the match director at Frostproof and he can fill you in

Shannon L Smith
Frostproof, FL 33843
Phone: (813) 732-5249
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This is my suggestion for modifications and equipment for an M&P. Just for those searching in the future.

Gun setup for USPSA Production and IDPA SSP: (As told to you by an SSP Master with multiple first places at State Championships and a highly competitive A in Production)

  • Find the backstrap of your choice and use a soldering gun to stipple the heck out of it. Aggressive texture and free. Also legal as it's NOT part of the grip per the rule book. Place a strip of grip tape down the front strap too.
  • 13lb ISMI recoil spring mounted on the factory guide rod. Take the nut off the rod, swap springs, reinstall with red loctite or you will lose during a match.
  • Apex drop-in sear and their trigger and sear spring. I like a 4-5 lb trigger which runs when the gun is absolutely filthy, so the firing pin spring stays stock.
  • Warren Tactical or Dawson Precision sights. Pick your poison.
  • Polish all of the internals and round the profile of the striker-block/safety while you're doing the rear sight install.
  • Fit your mags with M&P 9C or Apex / 10-8 ones to get rid of the "duckbill" at the front of the factory ones.
  • Five to Six magazines for your gun. Numbered / engraved so that you can keep track if one starts to induce manfunctions.
  • The rest of your "widget" money goes into practice ammo and training classes. You're done. STOP TINKERING WITH IT.
I want to take the massive "wall" out of the trigger and leave it heavier than most of the new guys expect. Practice makes you hit well at 25+ yards. Two pound triggers do not. If you don't believe me, play with Vogel and Sevigny's guns, or Jerry Miculek's revolver sometime. Light triggers mask bad habits and reduce your ability to row the stock trigger on your carry weapon. Light striker springs in M&Ps are definitely not something I find to be a good idea for "runs like a fithly abused pig" reliability. Leave the striker mechanism stock.

Equipment wise:

  • Belt: Wilderness / 5.11 / similar type webbing belt.
  • Holster: Ready tactical, comp-tac, or blade tech. I use a comp-tac.
  • Mag Carriers: see above three companies. I use ready tac.
  • Belt: CRSpeed or DAA or equivalent 2-piece belt.
  • Holster: Blade Tech DOH is extremely popular. Or similar.
  • Mag Carriers: You'll need 4 or 5 if you shoot production. CR Speed makes the tried and true ones that I use. DAA has some really high quality new units.
  • Buy some more mags. Five of them isn't going to be enough for USPSA.
That's about it. Now start saving up for a reloading press. You have two choices there: Dillon and Dillon.

(When you ask seven experienced shooters about equipment you'll get EIGHT different answers. So don't take the above as gospel. As long as you focus on basic modifications, then leaving the gun alone and maximizing your trigger-pulling time in dryfire and live fire, you'll do fine!)

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Remember to have FUN! Don't lose that aspect of shooting.

You don't need to modify anything in USPSA and I suspect the same is true with IDPA. So just have fun. Eventually you'll figure out if you need to modify things and what you need to modify.

It's not the bow... it's the Indian.

For many years I competed in various disciplines with a POS $250 1911 (AMT Hardballer) that I worked on myself. When I bought it it wouldn't shoot anything without jamming. I got HUGE enjoyment when folks would come up to me with much more expensive guns than I was shooting and ask me, "What is that that you're shooting!!??", as they would also tell me how close together my double tap was in the A zone. And no, I'm no master shooter. I shoot for fun and I don't work at the sport.

My point is not to get hung up on gear. Get what you need to be efficient at first. Later you'll figure out what you need or want. It's not the gear that puts the bullet in the A zone; it's you. The gear just facilitates it when you're ready to accept it's help. If you're not ready the gear won't make you ready.

At least that's my take on it. But again, I shoot competition for fun.

At this point I would be sure to get a handgun that fits you. They'll all work if you stay with known models. Also look into the support you have with after market parts and such. You can do much worse than an M&P. Look at the model #10098. From that model you can go into any division except revolver in USPSA by modifying it. I'm presently in Carry Optics by putting in an unported barrel (and adding a red dot sight).

But maybe I didn't give you what you wanted for an answer.

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The gun I recently made master with has Dawson sights, Apex internals, and Apex baseplates. SSP/Production legal and I've been very successful with it so far
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