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IDPA FaultLines and Flashlight shoots

This is a discussion on IDPA FaultLines and Flashlight shoots within the Competition forums, part of the Shooting category; Using my Apex Tactical Competition AEK and M&P9 Pro 5", I have won my first IDPA match - IN THE DARK! First match of 2017, ...

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IDPA FaultLines and Flashlight shoots

Using my Apex Tactical Competition AEK and M&P9 Pro 5", I have won my first IDPA match - IN THE DARK!

First match of 2017, shot it on Jan 03, and got final results later in the week. I think the oLIGHT M18 Maverick is the winner for low-light matches for me. Its my 3rd low light match and 3rd flashlight. This M18 is bright enough, has a decent rear switch, and is the proper size for me to hold it between my fingers on my support hand while still allowing me to support my gun with it.

Quite happy with my performance, but as stated in the video, some things need to be improved still.

Faultlines in the dark are a non-issue to me, on approach to the POC, you can use ambient light to find your foot placement spot, and it did NOT cause me any issues at all in this event.

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That looks like fun.

You might give this light a try. BLF A6 XPL 1600Lumens 7/4modes EDC LED Flashlight 18650 Sale -

Don't let it's low price fool you. It was designed by the members of the Budget Light Forum, and they know their stuff.

It's slightly smaller in all dimensions and has significantly more lumens than your M18. It does use a Li-Ion 18650 cell which is rechargeable, but it must use them to get that level of performance. The beam is a flood type beam quite similar to your Olight. It also has FET circuitry and that's part of the magic of the light. An FET really sends the juice to the LED for maximum brightness. At maximum output it draws about 3 amps and only runs for 30 minutes*. But it can't run that long anyway all in one shot. Because of those amps going through the head it gets hot fast. But for competition that's plenty of time. The site suggests using INR-18650 30Q cells and that's to allow the FET driver to fully feed the LED what it needs. They are readily available cells, and chargers need not be expensive. Cells have very low self-discharge rates (approx' 3%/year) and can be charged hundreds of times.
*Of course at lower output levels it will run for much longer and won't run into heat problems.

One downside, since it's not a tactical light as such, but does have a memory, it gets stopped on the 5th brightness setting. Then the next time it gets turned on it's on the 6th and brightest setting. A true tactical light always comes on at full brightness. But just remember where to shut this light off and it works fine. It's one of my EDC lights.

I'm surprised that your M18 doesn't get brighter when used with a 18650 cell, according to the Olight website. Normally when switching from primary cells to Li-Ion there is a performance increase. It must be due to the driver Olight is using.

Another really tiny light, approx 2/3 the length and diameter of the M18 is the Manker E11, but I don't know how you feel about a side switch. It uses any AA size cell and isn't much larger than the cell inside (due to the side switch). But what you want to use for cells in it, again, are Li-Ion 14500 cells. With 14500 the output is 800 lumens of flood beam. Other AAs will work, but brightness will be reduced and you'll gain runtime. Since it's tiny it will warm up rapidly and the light will automatically ramp down the output after 30 seconds to save itself. That should be plenty of time to shoot a stage. As with the A6 it's not a real tactical light but it has a memory and if you shut it off where you want it to start next time one push of the side button will make it happen. So just shut it down in high output. Runtime on max' output is about 25 minutes in short bursts due to heat, assuming the use of 14500 cells. This is a very nice and tiny light. I lost mine a few weeks ago and ordered 2 replacements, just receiving them today. Maybe I'll find the 1st E11 after the snow melts. It's what I have on my person all the time (not on my person in my EDC pack). The beam is even more floody than the A6 due to the orange peel reflector. Oh, and I forgot... a slightly longer press from being off puts the E11 directly into 800 lumens mode.

Another potential possibility... Is a headlight usable? It would need to be turned on before the buzzer. There are fairly powerful headlights, again, not tactical though. So if you shoot for practice in real world applications it might not be best to wear a headlight. But no one is going to be looking into these lights when they're at full output. But it would give you both of your hands back.

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