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Mag catch problem info request

This is a discussion on Mag catch problem info request within the MP Full Size Pistols forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; I had the same problem with my .40 after only about 150 rds through it. They sent me one mag release. It started happening after ...

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Old February 17th, 2009, 03:29 AM   #91
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I had the same problem with my .40 after only about 150 rds through it. They sent me one mag release. It started happening after 2 magazines through it. Had me send it to S&W and they did the same thing!!! I think they test fire it a couple times and think... it works now. My problem always started after about 2 full magazines through it. It starts doing it almost every other shot.

Finally, I called them back and when they offered to send another mag release I said, "I really want it fixed this time" and told them other people with same problem had to have frame replaced. Sent to them again, they replaced the frame. Note if you have them replace the frame have an FFL on hand, because you can't get it back without a new FFL transfer (pain). But I got it back and never had one problem after that. Now I feel it is a good gun...

Then I sold it. Getting a 9mm instead.

Bad Frame - MPA96XX (2/2007)

Good Frame - MRK99XX (11/2008)
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Old February 17th, 2010, 07:18 PM   #92
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I have an MPY serial 45ACP full size and started having the mag drop issues while taking a tactical pistol class at the range.

The instructor had us short-load the magazines 3-4 rounds in each so we would run out and have to change mags on the move.

I'm a lefty so I've moved my mag catch around to the right hand side so I can press it with my thumb.

Pretty embarrasing really, I figured the first one was failure to slap the mag home properly and then another ejection.

tried with different mags too and same thing. I cleared the gun and the instructor had a look at it, I didn't see anything wrong until I looked at the short loaded magazine.

If you put 3-4 rounds in the magazine, check out the mag follower with regard to the mag catch slot. With 3-4 rounds in the magazine the slot for the mag catch IF you've moved the mag catch to the other side is completely fouled by the follower!

I called S&W and was told "send us the pistol" I said "I don't need to send you the pistol, you can see what the issue is. Get a standard magazine and put 3-4 rounds in it, then look at the mag follower and see what it does" "Oh sir we can't put ammo in the magazines" "Ok fine, then take 3-4 snap caps and put them in the magazine and see what the follower does" "Oh sir we can't do that either!"

I said "are you kidding me? how can you test fire a gun if you don't put ammo in it?" "oh sir the gunsmiths do that" so I said "Then walk down to the gunsmiths and have them put 3-4 dummy rounds in the magazine and look a the follower" "Oh we aren't allowed down there, so do you want to send us the pistol"

At that point I figured if I loaded more than 4 rounds in the magazine the catch would seat before the follower could get to it and move it so at the next class I just had 1 extra round in the magazine.

I was still (and am still) pissed at S&W's shoddy support here, perhaps I got the one brain-dead CS rep? anyway I got a couple of spare mag catches online and made a modification to a new one.

I learned about the modification on a gun blog by a fellow named carteach0 google him and look at his modification for the M&P 9C he did.

I trimmed some plastic away as he did so the catch seated deeper in the magazine slot and filed some off the top so it sat a little more flush.

I tried it at the range with 3-4 rounds and didn't drop one.

I think there's a combination of things going wrong here and if you'll indulge me I'll tell you what I think they are:

1. The magazine and magazine well clearance is sloppy.

2. The magazine follower should have cut-outs so that there is NO WAY the follower can touch the catch.

3. The magazine catch does not engage deeply enough in the magazine to hold it reliably under all conditions.

See the pictures carteach0 put up, it's enlightening.


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Old July 21st, 2011, 02:30 PM   #93
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I was shooting a USPSA match last month, with my 9mm Pro, that has 1-2K through it, and the mags were dropping just enough that the slide wouldn't pick the next round up. I noticed that the opposite side wasn't flush with the frame. I pulled the mag catch out, and didn't see any burrs, but, lightly hit it with a file anyway, and blew out the hole with compressed air. When I reinstalled it, it sat flush. I've put 500-1,000 rounds through it since, and haven't had any issues.

A couple of weeks ago, they were having a backup gun match at the local IDPA club, and a friend of mine was TRYING to shoot his .40 compact, but, the mags were dropping on him, for every shot. It turned out that with his grip, and long fingers, he was hitting the mag release with his middle finger. He ground part of the button off, and hasn't had any more problems!
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Old June 7th, 2012, 04:44 PM   #94
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My M&P FS .40 has started to develop this problem.

I was loading magazines by 2's to practice reloading and #4 mag would pop loose more than half the time. Switching out followers and springs resulted in the problem always following the #4 magazine body.

I called S&W and they're sending out a magazine catch that they are sure will fix the problem and a packing slip just in case it doesn't. They're also supposed to be throwing in a couple of the M&P compact baseplates (the full-size ones interfere with each other when in the magazine holder).
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Old July 21st, 2012, 08:09 PM   #95
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the M&P full size .40 i just bought has this issue. i have 90 rds through it, and it dropped the mag 4 times. i was only loading 10-12 rds per magazine, so out of the 9 magazines i fired through the gun, almost half the time the mag dropped.

SN# DXF4728
test fired 2-09-12
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Old September 6th, 2012, 05:58 AM   #96
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My FS Serial number MPJ3XX has had about 4K - 5K rounds through her. Mostly lead 125 gr cast bullets with some plated and factoey thrown in. My reloads run around 130ish power factor. This spring thr gun started to drop mags on the first shot. Took me a couple of practice sessions to realose it wasn't me but the gun. I ordered two mag catches from Brownella and the problem went away and hasn't returned. Up here S&W doesn't pay for initial shiping to their repair center so it was cheaper to just order the part rather than having to send the gun to S&W.

I have been told the early mag catches had a softer metal in them resulting in premature wear. The initial mag catch had rounded off allowing the mag to slip off the catch.

No big deal for me as a sports shooter. It would have been a tad more serous for a LEO. I love the gun and own two PROs (9MM/40Cal) and keep the spare mag catch just in case.

Take Care

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Old March 17th, 2013, 06:33 AM   #97
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There are no posts since September, 2012. Does that mean the problem has been solved by S&W?
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Old March 17th, 2013, 07:08 AM   #99
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I have a later build M&P 45 (full size) with a 6/12 build date.

While I haven't EVER had a mag fall free while shooting I have the opposite issue in that it is very difficult to drop the mag out by pushing the mag release button. The button spring is very stiff & the button must be pushed in ALL the way to get the mag to drop out.

I can't see down in the well with the mag in place but with the mag removed & looking down in the well I can see the mag release button push the spring in until the upper spring tail (above the button) actually hits the side of the mag well & deforms with quite a bend in it when the button is pushed to the same place needed to release the mag.
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I just purchased a full-sized M&P 9mm (206301) and had a problem getting the mag to lock with just a push - it really needed a decent slap with the butt of my palm, otherwise it would drop out.

I just kept inserting & ejecting one mag about 300 times and it seems to work better now - much better than the spare mag that I haven't "broken in" yet.

My M&P .22 mag locks into place perfectly, obviously a completely different magazine tho.

By the way... my 9mm was manufactured in December of 2013

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