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Comparison of the M&P45 Vs. G 21(or SF)

This is a discussion on Comparison of the M&P45 Vs. G 21(or SF) within the MP Full Size Pistols forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; hi everyone, im currently looking at adding a 45 to my collection and am having trouble deciding. i realize that this being a M&P website, ...

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Comparison of the M&P45 Vs. G 21(or SF)

hi everyone,

im currently looking at adding a 45 to my collection and am having trouble deciding. i realize that this being a M&P website, most will probably lean towards the M&P, which is fine, im more looking for those who have shot both the M&P 45 and the Glock 21(or SF) and can tell me what they thought of both and which they liked better and why. im not trying to start a brand war or anything like that, just opinions from those with first hand experience. thanks alot in advance and ill keep this post updated with what i get along with pics(will be getting one on wed hopefully) thanks again!!

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I own a MP45 and have shot my friends G21. For me, I'm much more accurate with

the MP. My aims all out of wack with the glock. I wont ever buy a glock if just for their

stubbornness. If the MP ultimately isn't for you, consider an XD.

I love my MP so much I'm going to get the 9mm and maybe the 40.
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I can offer the other half of that last comment. I unfortunately cannot comment on the MP45, but I have shot the Glock SF and it was nice, it did feel better than some the typical glock block handle; the recoil was managable but I just didnt make the connection that I was looking for; I was off on my shots were not grouping as well as I would have liked (shooter vs gun...your call) but the ergonomics were not as good as I was used to (MP).

I hope this helps.
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Well if this helps , I have personnaly owned and extensively shot all 3 models you are asking about,

The G-21 is a good gun but you have to be careful if you reload, unless you invest in a new -1 trigger bar and then I would stay away from anything but federal primers. Same gous for the SF.

I took my 21SF to a class with Gabe Suarez a few months ago and the gun was very reliable except for one thing, That stupid ambi mag catch started sicking and I couldnt get the mags to lock in.

When I called Glock about it they said they didnt have any extra parts available to repair it at that time, but it should wear in, boy that made me feel better

I just ran 530 assorted rounds through my new MP 45 today and I was very impressed also the grip is 10times better than the Glock, I hope this helps.
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Nice of Glock wasen't it.
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I recently sold my 21 SF. Not that it wasn't a good pistol but after a whole lot of Glocks I'm off them and onto M&P's now. The 21 SF is the best Glock I ever owned and thats saying something. The original Glock 21 was fine for my hand size and the 21 SF was even better. Like all Glock .45's it is extremely accurate. Neither the Picatinny rail nor the ambi safety bothered me much except it is harder to find holsters for the Picatinny rail version. Of course you can buy a Glock rail version of the 21 SF also. So there's not much to say except it's typical Glock consistency and very accurate and reliable. I just bought an M&P .45 a week ago after being wowed by my M&P .40. I waited on the M&P .45 until i could get one with decent finish, fit and trigger. The M&P .45 fits my apelike hands even better than the .40 did. It feels like putting on a glove. I'm using the medium grip but of course it comes with two other sizes. The beavertail on the M&P helps to distribute recoil and prevent muzzle rise making the M&P the easiest pistol to shoot rapidly and accurately of any pistol I have ever owned. The 21 SF doesn't have alot of recoil but the M&P has even less. M&P has more of a 1911 style grip angle which some people really prefer. After 30 odd years of 1911's I I still like the Glock grip angle just as well. I also much prefer the Novak sights to standard Glock sights. The M&P .45 is also very accurate and I was easily putting holes in holes at 15 yards. So the M&P in my book wins on comfort, sights, and general pride of ownership compared to the Glock which is an efficient tool but hard to love. The Glock also holds three more rounds. The M&P because of it's shape is more conducive to carry. Glock is certainly more proven and M&P .45's have been rightly (In my view) criticized for earlier samples having poor or uneven finishes and triggers. But Smith as the best support in the business. Glocks is not bad but not as good as Smith. See this thread for some pictures of my M&P .45.

Go here and here for some M&P .45 reviews. of note the Gunblast author was also a long term Glockophile who has switched to M;P's.
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I own both of the referenced guns plus the Springfield XD and a few 1911's. The order that I would rate them in is 1911, M&P, Glock and right below picking up a rock to throw the XD.

I do a lot of competition shooting and you can not beat the accuracy and reliability of a well built 1911. Notice that I said well built. There are many varieties of 1911's out there and it would be an entirely different topic to get into. After the 1911's I would choose the M&P. The M&P is a very comfortable gun to shoot and the magazines actually drop free. The one down side to the M&P is that I have had a couple of jams with factory ammo. After that comes the Glock. The Glock is a very good shooting gun but I don't like the feel of the trigger and the over all comfort of the gun. Even with the drop free magazines they don't always drop. When shooting this gun in competition I sometimes have to pull the magazine out. The biggest plus to the Glock is that I have never had it jam and I have shot thousands of rounds through it. If I am going to the range I take the M&P. If you look beside my bed you will find my Glock. Last on the list is my Springfield XD. This is a gun that I won. The only reason that I still have it is that I would feel guilty selling someone this POS. It has no redeeming qualities. It jams, it patterns like a shotgun and is uncomfortable to shoot.

Bottom line is that I don't think you can go wrong with either the Glock or the M&P. They are both excellent guns.

Hope that helps.
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