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This is a discussion on Weapon Mounted Lights within the MP Pistol Accessories forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; So I've tried searching but haven't seen any threads that discuss weapon mounted lights... I am in the market for a light for my 9 ...

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Weapon Mounted Lights

So I've tried searching but haven't seen any threads that discuss weapon mounted lights...

I am in the market for a light for my 9 full size but cant make a decision, I'm trying not to break the bank so I'm looking at lights under $150. I don't like the inforce lights so I'm mainly looking at streamlight tlr-1 series but I have a couple questions.

Who here is running lights? thoughts/opinions/recommendations?

Any other brands to look into in that price range?

should I consider spending a little more on a light with a laser?

And specifically regarding the tlr-1 series: the original tlr-1 and tlr-1s (s for strobe) come in at 300 lumens which seems to be right around the standard(100-300) output for a lot of weapon mounted lights. However for another $20-$40 ($140-$150 total) the tlr-1 HL comes in at 800 lumens, am I crazy or is that just excessively bright? can a handgun light be too bright?

I appreciate any input and before anyone questions me about this, yes I carry a handheld flashlight, and I have a proper set of night sights that should be at my doorstep tomorrow.
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I have both the TLR-1 and TLR1-HL. I keep the TLR-1 on handguns, the HL on a carbine.

I do not use a strobe light. If I am going to point a WML at a person, I am identifying the target, not disorienting it. I also carry a handheld.

Others may like the strobe feature.
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I have similar thoughts on the TLR-1 series, the HL would be a good candidate for my AR but 800 lumens is excessively bright. The handheld I use is 230 lumens and when I'm at work at night(delivery driver) and need to find a house number I'm weary about shining it at peoples houses because it lights up the whole house.

On the other end of the spectrum I see a lot of companies making WML's smaller and less bright, closer to the 100 lumen range but I don't have a 100 lumen flashlight to see how it would look at night. Do you guys think 100-120 lumens is bright enough?
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We (my shooting partner and I) have tried several. After using both Streamlined and Inforce, i decided to go with the Crimson Trace Lightguard. It's decidedly more intuitive, and not overly bright. She uses a TLR-1, because that's what she was issued for her domestic duty weapon (Air Marshall) She has Crimson Trace Lasergrips on her pistols and revolvers.

I also have an HL on my HD rifle, and occasionally carry a Fenix TK15 (with strobe capability)

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Not in your price range (unless things have changed), I have a Streamlight TLR-4 G.

The light is the primary item IMO. You must be sure to identify the target before finishing the trigger squeeze. Hopefully before that you'll have also identified the target with a handheld and not by pointing the gun.

I like the green laser and have the switch set to have both the laser and light to come on. It's just another aid to aiming, but at in the home "point and hit" distances it isn't terribly important.

I dry fire with it a lot and since the unit is only used for a split second the battery lasts a very long time. I like the laser for dry firing as I can point and then lase to see where the gun is pointing. If I ever have to use lethal force of course the laser would be on along with the light to make doubly certain that I don't miss.
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I have TLR1 and TLR3 lights and a couple of the cheap NEBO brand lights on some of my handguns.

So far I haven't had any of the lights break.

I have lost batteries though. Just the rechargeable CR123s. And only on the FS M&P .357 SIG pistol.

The light works, then it doesn't (had some range time in between). When I pull the batteries out one of them will have a clunking noise iniside it when I shake it. I haven't cut one open to see what is happening but evidently the recoil on the .357 SIG pistol breaks stuff loose inside the batteries shell.

The lens gets dirty, I just wipe it off with the same oily rag I wipe the metal parts of the gun down with. The TLR3 was on the .357 SIG M&P for awhile and the metal on the front top of it is discolored enough to see it (muzzle blast of those 124 grain hollow points.)
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