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Major heart failure

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Major heart failure

I have an M&P Pro and 2 FS and the PRO is an EDC if I have decent cover garment. I am usually with the compact or shield in summer dress. I was leaving on a trip to see my mother with my daughter. Thought I would take her to the range. Took one of the other FS that I bought used a couple years ago and I hadn't shot it to my knowledge. It was supposed to have had around 3-400 round through it. Emptied the mags that I had loaded with HP ammo and loaded with WWB that is maybe 3-4 months old.

I decided to go back out and let the daughter get started on her pink target and I wanted to put some plugs in in addition to my muffs. I come back in and she has a confused look on her face and I asked what was wrong. She said it wouldn't fire. Did you check that there was one in the chamber? Yes I checked it and it was loaded. So I check the chamber and sure enough it is loaded. Pull up on target and squeeze the trigger and sure enough no go. I make sure the mag is seated and chamber another round and same result. Holy crap batman, if this was a defense need.

I remove this magazine thinking this is a mag problem and viola, it runs the full mag without a hitch. I reload the "bad" magazine and get off 4-5 rounds and then it would not return to battery. I think bad mag spring and put it in the bag and replace with a new mag direct from factory. We hit the road.

I get home and remove the spring, check the mag for debris and dirt, nothing out of what I would not consider a problem. Check and clean the pistol and put the mag that had no problems at the range and slingshot the slide to chamber a round and it releases, BUT does not chamber the round. The round is perfectly level and just stuck at the top of the magazine and below the barrel ramp. Slap the bottom of the mag and I have to pull back slide and remove the magazine.

I an in need of direction of potential causes. Thanks
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won't fire

New mag works fine but used mag that came with gun doesn't?

Did previous owner clean clean mag and put spring in upside down or backwards?

Good Luck
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Post some pics of the ejection port with the slide open.
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A little clarification please. You said initially that the magazine was loaded AND round in chamber it would not fire. So you re-seated the magazine and chambered another round from the same magazine still to have it not fire. Then a different magazine ran fine. According to your description, you have two separate issues. The issue at the time with your daughter sounds like a failure to fire, and the last paragraph of your post sounds like a failure to feed.

Every firearm has a cycle of operations. With our M&Ps they follow these steps, Firing, Unlocking, Extraction, Ejection, Feeding, Chambering, Cocking (placed here because of there being no hammer and the striker meets the sear as slide and barrel lock), Locking. Look at the problems you have in the light of these processes. It will help troubleshoot the cause of the stoppages you are experiencing.

Failure to fire with loaded magazine and chamber- Does this pistol have the magazine safety? If so this could explain one magazine causing problems firing. Same ammo between the mag that worked and the one that didn't?

Failure to feed- Improperly assembled magazine (ie. spring backwards as in smitret's post)? Damaged magazine?

As jasonuscg stated, pics. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Good luck

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