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It wasn't the gun....

This is a discussion on It wasn't the gun.... within the MP Pistol Tech Help forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; Allow me to make my first official post one that indemnifies the M&P. It starts wuth my purchase of an M&P 4.25 9mm. I had ...

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It wasn't the gun....

Allow me to make my first official post one that indemnifies the M&P.
It starts wuth my purchase of an M&P 4.25 9mm. I had shot a friends and fell in love with it. I ordered mine and took possession. From day one, I was hitting consistent low and to the right. I know, another "this gun sux" thread. No. Instead, I admit, I lurked and empathized with those posting of their woes with this gun and its ability to shoot true.
Well today, I took a class with a certified instructor. All about how to grip properly, how your stance, and aiming "should" be done. Boy !, was I wrong. Doing the lesson felt foreign to how I thought it should be done. My way would need consistent improper technique to be successful. Truth is, that's how many people do most sports. Take golf as an example. Improper grip, stance, etc...can lead to disastrous results but there are times when the stars align and the technique, albeit poor, produces decent results. However, if the proper techniques are used, the margin of error remains, but it decreased significantly. To say I was enlightened would be an understatement.
When we finished the classroom lesson, we went into the range and practiced more grip, dry firing, stance, aim, etc...After almost 15 minutes of practicing without firing a single bullet, my instructor finally loaded my gun and told me to just follow the same techniques. I did. I literally hit the bulls eye, dead center. My jaw went slack. My next two shots were close, but my 4th shot went left. I had jerked the trigger. I saw it happen. THAT is the difference for me. With my lesson, I finally SEE what my mistakes are. More dry firing and practice. I hit the target again. Not one of my shots were the previous low and to the right that I was experiencing. I am over the moon right now, so I just thought I would share. But please understand, in no way am I discounting anyone else's issues or problems. This is strictly my issue and mine alone.
Thanks for allowing me to share it !
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Well that wasn't bad for a first time. That's to be expected. That's why I start my noob clients with scented wax bullets driven by primers alone out of a revolver that has a red dot on it. They shoot single action and that's a sweet trigger in the gun I use. Then they move to a .22, and then to something for defense. Baby steps.

Yup, it's the fundamentals. Dry fire, dry fire, dry fire! You won't hurt the gun one iota, but you will see what happens with the sights. The ideal is that the sights don't move as the "hammer" falls. You can't see that with recoil and muzzle flip present.

You should dry fire at least 10 times more than you live fire. More is much better. If you don't now, watch the news. I find lots of targets when it's tuned in. Just be 100% positive the gun it empty; once launched bullets can't be called back and they travel quite a distance. I'm not concerned about your TV, more for innocent bystanders; a TV can be replaced.
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