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Before you say your M&P isn't accurate

This is a discussion on Before you say your M&P isn't accurate within the MP Reference forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; The pistols are not sighted in from the factory, they fire a few shots for a function check only. The perfect sight in isn't necessarily ...

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The pistols are not sighted in from the factory, they fire a few shots for a function check only.

The perfect sight in isn't necessarily universal, each shooter will shoot the same pistol to a slightly different point, some more than others, so its perfectly normal you might need to adjust your sights to get them centered.

If a pistol's front sight isn't centered, I would start by centering it, then sighting in using the rear sight.

I've attached an error chart, that may help some.
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A few issues I was wondering about here,thanks all.

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I'm not countering any of the posts here, just adding to the array of variables. I have 4 M&P's and love them all.

It's possible any gun can shoot better or worse than your other guns strictly on ergo's.

A gun that fits YOUR hands better is going to shoot better because you have to do less to control the gun. That's not to say you can't learn to shoot that poor fitting gun better, but it can be a reason for the change in performance.

You can also have the M&P fit your hand like a glove and shoot poorly, if you've been shooting another gun with with a less than perfect grip. Trying to use that same grip on another gun could resort in less control and add to movement of the gun.

You cannot use the same grip on every gun. Besides the dry fire and wall drills you need to work on finding the right grip for you on your gun.

The right grip may feel completely wrong when you first try it. Only shooting with that grip, and adjusting it, and trying again will give you the proper grip for you, for that gun. I don't have a huge array of hand guns, but I have a few M&P's and other semi-autos (center and rim), and a 1911. I also have a couple revolvers.

Of the guns I shoot well with, I do not use the same grip on ANY of them, including the M&P's. My M&P 9mm has a narrower grip than my M&P 45, and my grip (to me) is very different on that gun. My M&P .22 has a even narrower grip (fixed backstrap) and that one I hold different as well for good consecutive shots.

My 1911 I shot well out of the box. And I only have a total of maybe 100 rounds with a 1911.

My M&P 9mm still gives me problems, but I also use it mostly for speed competition. When I focus on my grip and fundamentals, I shoot well with it, and it shoots fine from a rest.

My M&P .22, well ok it's very inaccurate. I bought it to practice with to save money on ammo, and now I can't get .22 like everyone else, so it's in the safe until I have time and ammo to work it out.

My M&P .45 shoots fine but I only use it at the range or putting big holes in things. It feels very natural in my hands opposed to the other two.

Glocks feel completely weird for me, and I've put some time in with a couple G34s. They are what made me buy my M&P 9 Pro 5".

Your results may vary...
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My M&P Pro definitely shoots different depending on the ammunition. 124g HPs give me much better accuracy than 115g FMJ. The 115g is consistently 1 to 1.5 inches low while the 124g HP is dead on at 7 yards.
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Who the hell said their M&P isn't accurate? Learn to shoot, you'd be surprised how accurate it is!
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I shoot at the little guy in the upper left corner of the B-29 target, usually from about 50' with my FS .40, sometimes with my 357sig barrel. I don't hit it every time but it amazes me at how well the stock sights can get the results they do. I dry fired at the wall and DirecTV box at least a thousand times, now I can pull the trigger and not anticipate any break or recoil and it has helped my accuracy 95% at least...Best thing you can do, Better than firing live rounds I believe...
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