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Lead Bullets in a M&P?

This is a discussion on Lead Bullets in a M&P? within the MP Reference forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; I too shoot lead almost exclusively in the MP40Pro. Some super fun ultra light shooters using the 180 gr truncated cone (Lee) bullet include: ...and ...

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Old October 25th, 2012, 07:35 PM   #16
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I too shoot lead almost exclusively in the MP40Pro. Some super fun ultra light shooters using the 180 gr truncated cone (Lee) bullet include:

...and I recently had Accurate Molds build me a 155 gr mold that produces these beauties:

I got an avg of 1,270 fps from these with 8.4 gr SR 4756, but I'm fixin' to do some of these in lighter loads with the traditional powders such as Solo 1000, Clays and maybe I'll even try No. 2 again,

This is raw data off the range using the 180 gr bullet a couple of years ago:

...and these are the 180s themselves, ready for presentation:

Everything is cast using wheel weight lead when I can specify, although in many cases I know I've used reclaimed range lead, as well as 'miscellaneous'. My supply is eBay, where I set my threshold at about $1.25/lb delivered. It's getting up the wherewithal to sit and cast for 2-3 hrs at a time that I find increasingly difficult, and buying at 3-4 times the price more attractive.

This weekend is the big gun show and the plan is to get several pounds of powder in some variety, in an attempt to hit the sweet spot with both the 155 gr cast, and a boatload of Rainier hollow points that just came in (165 gr I think). That's a lot of loading and a lot of range time, but I'll get to it and put the data up here if I remember. So many knobs to turn, so little time.

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Old October 26th, 2012, 06:24 AM   #17
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buy molys. you can get them for about 8-9 cents each. no more messing with lube
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Old October 27th, 2012, 04:44 AM   #18
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All of the M&P's I have come across shoot lead just fine (2 FS M&P 9, 9C, and a FS 40). I can shoot after a mag or two the barrel looks about the same through to over 300rd. I am kinda anal about cleaning, so I don't let it go longer than a few hundred rounds.

My 9mm IDPA fodder is running about $.07ea using commercial cast bullets and recycled range pickup brass. I can't even come close in jacketed or plated (bullets alone run $.09-.12ea).
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Old February 1st, 2013, 09:45 AM   #19
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I cast for all my pistols and revolvers. I place my lubed bullets in the steyerfoam containers from old Win 9mm boxs. I prefer soft lube and this removes the "messy" from using lead boolits. I find the lead boolits to be more accurate than the plated/fmj in all my guns.

Take Care

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I cast and shoot my own I get the lead for free, If I am feeling lazy I buy locale from a fellow home caster for $50/1K
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Sorry for the uneducated question, but, what's the moly all about and where do you get them?

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MOLY bullets

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I shoot my reloads with lead cast boolits out of my 9c with no problems just clean it well when Im done.
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Originally Posted by KRWeiss View Post
I pay about that just for the bullets, another $20 for 1000 primers, but still prefer to avoid ingesting any lead at all. I hate the smell of gasoline, and while not often confused with a tightwad, usually get awesome deals.
You just have to quit eating it. Seriously lead cannot penetrate the skin but lead in the air can be breathed into the lungs - lead based primers are the prime source of lead poisoning for shooters shooting indoors. Too, lead on your hands can enter your body via the mouth if you are inclined not to wash before eating.

I have been casting lead bulles for over 30 years and shooting lead obviously - outdoors. I usually have me blood tested every other year. To date lead levels are at or below the norm.

Take Care

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Lead is fine to shoot
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Originally Posted by KRWeiss View Post
40s too, I just don't like handling it.
If you're talking about lead poisoning, you're getting a LOT more exposure from primer fumes than from handling metallic lead.

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Ive shot unjacketed reloads from my fatherinlaw in my shield 40 without any issues. Shot a magazine of FMJs after and then cleaned it as usually still works fine.
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I've shot a few thousand lead rounds through my M&P with no issues. Picked them up locally here in Indiana - they are from Indiana Bullet Company. I loaded them with Winchester WSF and Win 231 - a little dirty but nothing too major.
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Originally Posted by JeffWard View Post
Works fine. Only Glock barrels (and maybe Kahr) advise against.

not sure h&k is really big on the idea either. that polygonal barrel.
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