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Is Your Gun More or Less Accurate After Cleaning?

This is a discussion on Is Your Gun More or Less Accurate After Cleaning? within the MP Reference forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; My observation is watching others shoot at 10yds and under who can tell the difference. On the other hand 50yds would be a good testing ...

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My observation is watching others shoot at 10yds and under who can tell the difference. On the other hand 50yds would be a good testing distance but the very few have the ability to be consistent at that range.
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I shot a 1500 round training session over two days last November, and another 1000 round one this past March with my 2013 M&P9, with no cleaning of the bore throughout both courses.

Accuracy never varied any that I could tell.

I have a Wilson Combat barrel in the pistol, but I'd expect similar results with a stock S&W barrel.
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Back in the early days of the M&P pistols, we went for as many as 6 months between cleanings, taking classes plus lots (and lots) of training. At 25 yards, a freshly cleaned bore may have given me some problems for the first couple/few rounds, but the grouping potential of the next 3,000 or so rounds would be pretty much identical. Once it gets to about 6,000 there's a small drop off in both accuracy and reliability. At 5-7 yards, I really can't tell any difference between disgustingly filthy and freshly cleaned. 1 hole is one hole either way.
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Back in my Army days, I shot on a pistol team.
We were issued AMU built 1911 target pistols.
Armorers told us to never field strip them.
Punch the bore, lube, that was it.
Was told that it would take time for the gun to settle in again.
Did it make any difference?
At my lever, likely not.
At the Gunny Zins level, seems likely that it would.
For speed game by us mere mortals, it matters no a bit.
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I always take my pistol out for a short range session, after cleaning and, before shooting it in a match. I have noticed less accuracy immediately after cleaning the pistol.
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I started out shooting Bullseye Pistol in 68-69, the thinking at that time was that a newly cleaned barrel was less accurate the first few shots, and I saw some tests that bore that out, but the differences were small and only mattered at distances of say...50 yds for precision pistol in the hands of a skilled shooter, many Bullseye matches would allow shooters to shoot some fouling shots before the start of a match for those that came with a freshly cleaned barrel, that was pretty common practice, and if they didn't have it programmed in, a request for fouling shots, I never heard one turned down.

What does this mean to us? For practical purposes nothing, only a tiny fraction of the people here are capable of shooting well enough to tell the difference, and we are usually concerned with combat distances of less than 10 yards, and this isn't an issue at that distance.
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I buy what G56 said... i use to think i was nuts in the head to think that it happens.
I`ve run many rounds thru the years, and a clean barrel (at least mine do) like a few rounds thru it to dial it in for bullseye`s. I`ll run 5 rounds thru it, good to go after that.

As for my carry gun, like G56 says, combat distance isn`t a big deal at all.
And if you can`t hit an 8inch pie plate in 10yds or less with a freshly cleaned gun, you`re better off with a baseball bat to beat the bad guy down to the
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