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This is a discussion on IMR 4756 in 9mm within the MP Reloading forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; I am at the high mark of the chart for 4756 (5.4) and I am still getting stove piping or less in 1 of 15 ...

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Old April 2nd, 2015, 02:20 PM   #1
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IMR 4756 in 9mm

I am at the high mark of the chart for 4756 (5.4) and I am still getting stove piping or less in 1 of 15 shots. There is no snap like 4.8 of 231. I must say if I could get the pistols to cycle regularly, I would buy a ton of it because its really soft shooting but I think thats the problem, It feels under powered.

I found some published data pushing as far as 6.2. I bumped it up to 5.7 but haven't loaded yet.

Wondering if anyone on here uses 4756 and what their load data was.

Shooting through a full size and compact 9mm M&P.

Im shooting 115 grain copper plated lead.

Just for plinking.

Can't find any 231 so I bought a pound of 4756. Just can't get the load right.


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No experience with it. Load with Titegroup only.
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Have you tried a 124 grain bullet.. I have found sometimes a different weight bullet is the better change. I tried one day and never found what would work with a powder and bullet combo.. The next day I tried different bullets and found a sweet load. Maybe worth a try.
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I like to administer electric shock therapy to myself; I find it helps w/ my schizophrenia. Never used it w/ plated bullets. Used it to work up a load w/ 115gr xtp. I think I worked up to 6.3gr and got 1244 fps w/ 5 fps e.s. It was a good load. It was the max load out of the hornady manual. 5.4 gr seems a little light to me but normally a plated bullet shouldn't be loaded w/ as much powder as regular jacketed bullet so it's hard to say. Where are you getting your data?

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I show start loads of 4.2-5.0gn and MAX loads of 5.2-6.4gn. I have one data source for Rainier 115gn P-RN, with start of 5.0 and MAX of 6.4gn.
If you had a chrony, you could compare to about 1150fps for MAX loads.
Do factory 115gn loads cycle? Is the exterior of your case sooty? You either have a bad case of limp wristing or your powder charge is still too low for THAT bullet with THAT lot of powder in YOUR gun.
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Shot thousands of factory 115n loads with zero problem.
Shot well over 2k rounds of 231 with exact same bullet with no problem.

Gun is clean, not limp wristing.
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Old May 23rd, 2015, 11:37 PM   #7
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Max could be any where from 5.2 to 6.4, based on exact component lot numbers used. In fact, that only covers what labs found with their exact mix of component Lot numbers, so your max could be below 5.2 or over 6.4.
If you load up to mid-range jacketed, you'll load some up to somewhere around 5.7-6.2.
Stupid question, but;
Do factory loads function?
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Old May 24th, 2015, 06:03 AM   #8
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Alliant Power Pistol. Ive loaded it for 357/9/40 and 45, its got punch and has ALWAYS functioned very well!

What you are describing *may* have to do with the burn rate, but Im not leveled up enough to say with certainty.

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I've been loading a lot of HS-6 lately and it is in the same neighborhood as your 4756, with respect to burn rate. I've used it in 40 S&W for my P229 and 9mm for my Mrs' M&P9c, but I haven't tried it yet in the shield.... Something to think about.

Burn Rates - 2014-2015.pdf

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FWIW, I just finished up three pounds of IMR4756 that I bought when Win231 was scarce as hen's teeth. I used 124 gr copper plated bullets with 5.3 gr of powder for my 9mm loads. Yes, nice soft shooting, but I was getting stove pipes at the rate of 1 or 2 per 100 rounds. Probably caused by slight variations in the powder drop accuracy of my press. I'm going back to Win231, now that I can find it. I also have three pounds of WinAutoComp, bought during the "drought". I haven't tried it yet, but as an even slower burning powder, I'd guess it might have the same issues.
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If you got stovepipes and if you know you weren't limp wristing, you should have gone up 0.2gn to ensure function.
For lead bullets, I show loads from 4.2-6.4gn.
For jacketed, I show 4.5-6.5gn.

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I do like SR4756 in my M&P but I found out it won't be manufactured anymore.
Hoping to find some CFE Pistol powder since it works for my other handguns as well.
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There can be other reasons for stovepipes other than your powder selection.
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