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This is a discussion on shooting left within the MP SHIELD Pistols forums, part of the Smith & Wesson MP Forum category; Originally Posted by KRWeiss Actually, he won't. Moving the sight will force him to continue shooting the way he does now, reinforcing the poor fundamentals, ...

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Originally Posted by KRWeiss View Post
Actually, he won't. Moving the sight will force him to continue shooting the way he does now, reinforcing the poor fundamentals, never tightening his groups, and pretty soon he'll give up trying to improve. Without some good instruction, it's likely he'll never shoot anywhere close to his potential.
KRWeiss is right. The best thing the guy can do is invest a bit of money into a good instructor and get formal training. I can't say it enough, it's worth EVERY PENNY. Learn right the first time, otherwise trying to unlearn a bad habit is very hard.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by KRWeiss View Post
Actually, he won't. Moving the sight will force him to continue shooting the way he does now, reinforcing the poor fundamentals, never tightening his groups, and pretty soon he'll give up trying to improve. Without some good instruction, it's likely he'll never shoot anywhere close to his potential.
Agree with this. My brother started shooting and, lo and behold, shoots low left. Classic trigger push from anticipating recoil. He asked if he should adjust the sights to compensate for this. Him being a car guy, I replied "if your steering is out of alignment, pushing left, should you just constantly pull to the right on the steering wheel?" Of course not he says, the left hand push is indicative of a real problem that needs to be fixed. And there you have it. Don't compensate for the deficiency just because fixing it is expensive. In a crisis one doesn't generally rise to the occasion, instead they will default to their most extensive level of training. If you do your practice right, any gun you have access to becomes a tool in your favor, not just the one that's been smithed to cover up a lack of skill.

Originally Posted by uxodas View Post
99% yes. But not 100% my rear sight is off about half a millimeter to the left.
Do you think the OP is the 1, or the 99, respectfully?

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If you're new to shooting I'd say the reason it's shooting off is because your fundamentals haven't been developed.

First of all, if you're new to guns I HIGHLY recommend you take a good safety course if you haven't already. I wouldn't recommend having a buddy teach you because you have no way of knowing how competent they are.

After you have a solid grasp of firearm safety you can either pay for a lesson or two to get you started in proper fundamentals, or use your friend the internet. There's a LOT of instruction out there to help you, but nothing beats hands on instruction in my opinion.

My guess is that it's probably 'your fault' the gun is hitting left. The reason I say is this: If you take away 75% of those holes in the target you'll end up with a bunch of holes that are all over the place instead of a "group". Yeah you hit the target a bunch of times but there's no consistency with the exception of hitting left. Which means you don't have the fundamentals required to shoot properly. Which isn't your fault and is to be expected when someone is new at something so don't feel bad! :-)

Get yourself some training and then practice, practice, practice!

But most importantly, know your gun, how it functions, and how to operate it safely!!
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Shot my 9mm Shield for the first time today. Same problem. I understand why, now how to fix it is my issue. It will take some practice time.

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OP your shots are actually pretty good, to the left yes but I see a bunch of groups so if that is your first time it was a complete success.

I did not shoot left with my Shield but I often did with the XDs 45 and I soon found out I was tightening my grip while pulling the trigger, as previously mention it looks like your anticipating the recoil. I think if you you relax your hand a bit you will get the hits your after, the post about getting some snap caps and practicing is a good idea as well. Ammo is still a little tough to come by and I have not shot my Shield enough either so tomorrow I'm going to get some snap caps so I can get some practice on the trigger as well.
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I don't recall seeing anyone comment on eye dominance - I know that I am right handed and am left eye dominant. Makes for a lot of trouble trying to shoot with both eyes open (which I had never done before a recent training exercise with the local police department). As a kid, my dad always taught me to aim with one closed. The same goes for when I was in the U.S. Marine Corps (the "Old Corps"), where I was an MP and fired expert with both rifle and handgun (wasn't all that good with the BAR or Bazooka).

With a Glock (barrowed) and my relatively Springfield XD9, I fired all rounds within the bullseye (250 out of 250 for the CHL test). However, with the new S&W M&P Shield, at 7 meters, my groupings end up about 3.5" to 4" from dead center at about 7:00.

Consequently, I believe it came from the factory a bit off (it appears that the rear sight is ever so slightly off. I'm disappointed that there seems to be no vertical adjustment for this sight. Does anyone know if there is a front sight replacement that could raise the strike point? Also, I'm currently having an Apex trigger kit installed. S&W's trigger is pitiful. By the time I'm finished, my S&W will qualify as a Kimber in the $$$ column. But it is a really comfortable weapon, and I like the way it feels.

Back to the newer fellow: Like someone mentioned, try smaller shot groups of 3-5, and make notes of your observation on how you handled the weapon. Also, if you will practice "dry firing" by practicing sans ammo (remove the magazine, check the chamber). You can sit at a private place a practice aiming and squeezing the trigger anytime you can't make it to the range (and it's cheaper).

Someone also mention instructions - nothing but good can come from a few one-on-one instructions from an experienced shooter. So remember, Breathe aim, don't breathe, aim, and squeeze - slowly, slowly, slowly - with the 'pad" of your finger.

Practice, Practice, practice - squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

GL ~gydancer
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Shoots Left also

Hi All, long time reader first time post. I just got my Shield 40 a week ago and couldn't wait to get to the range finally got there Sunday night. A little disappointed first time out. shooting in indoor range I shot about 25 shots at about 8 yards and every shot hit to the left like the this gentleman experienced. I also was aiming far right to compensate and was doing better but should not have to do that. I looked close at the front sight and could see that it was set far right in the dovetail, with no tools with me to make that kind adjustment I just ended the session. I shoot a M&P 9 FS with consistent accuracy. going to adjust front sight Saturday and try again Sunday night I hope for better results. I don't know if S&W is pumping shields out so fast that sighting in is suffering.

I do like the Shield and can't wait to get back and try it again.. With the price of ammo I hate to be shooting just to make adjustments.
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My solution to the M&P Shield shooting left,

Apology first, for reviving an old thread. I felt compelled to register and leave a post on this particular post and a few others where people posted the shooting left problem (in case their search brings them to another similar thread) I found my answer buried in the echo chamber of replies stating the same thing "user error." Google returns MANY threads with this same issue, and everyone literally ignored the actual problem, me and many other people have.


YES, some of you shooting left MAY be squeezing your thumb too tight, or using TOO much trigger finger. If fixing these things (or you weren't doing them in the first place,) didn't work, I offer you the solution I found:

Brand new shield 9mm (no mag disconnect, no safety,) been breaking it in over the last year. Stock sights from factory, shoots dead nuts. No problems. Want to start carrying this as CPL, decide to upgrade sights.

Gunsmith down the street installs TruGlo TFX Pro's (so far awesome btw.) Take the pistol out a couple months later and it shoots left 3" at 7 yards, wont hit my small target at further distances.

A shield rear sight is un-adjustable for windage or drift (per owners manual.) It should be perfectly centered and set screwed into place. I think there may be .002" adjustment but that will not effect shot that much. You should be able to eyeball your rear sight and see it perfectly centered. You should also technically use a straightedge and a caliper.

Front sight is completely adjustable for windage (drift.)


Check your front sight post. Its completely adjustable for drift. Mine was aligned slightly to the right. In order to get the pistol to bullseye, assuming you are using correct shooting technique, you will need to move that front sight post LEFT.

If you shoot left, you need to check if your sight is aligned to the right. If it is, you will need to have a gunsmith adjust your front sight post.

Personally, I did it myself, carefully. I took a pencil and drew an outline of the sight on the frame. This way, when it starts moving I can see if it adjusts past the pencil mark. I used doubled electrical tape as a barrier between a wide punch and the post and I tapped the post LEFT. Start out with a few short put followed through taps. See if it adjusts. Admittedly, I did have to tap it pretty hard to move it. It will start moving. Don't over adjust.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion on another possible problem instead of the cop-out "its your fault." If you google M&P warranty issues you'll see the slew of crap they do. Their customer service sucks. That said, we do trust our lives to their products. So we need to hold them to some standard.

Also, some argument that I saw people make, "Oh if it shoots left 4" you'll still hit your target and put down the threat." Another one: "just aim right, and deal with it" - These are both false. Even hitting center mass with a 9mm or .40 there have been plenty of real world situations where the threat was still able to engage. IMO, practice an accurate double tap center mass with accurate follow up double taps until the treat is eliminated. Your pistol should shoot on target 100% of the time if you do your job. This way, in a situation, if you miss, only you are to blame. Also, if you are in a situation that doesn't allow you to aim properly for whatever reason, you know that pistol will shoot straight if you aim in the right direction. You dont have to account for that extra few inches. Confidence is also important.

Anyway, end rant. Sorry again for reviving an old threat.
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Check your sights.
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