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Self Defense - 9mm or larger?

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no, I chose 9mm because of a reason other than the price of ammo or concealability. (please reply to this thread to explain) 245 63.64%
yes, but I can't afford anything except the 9mm rounds 25 6.49%
yes, but I can't (comfortably) conceal anything bigger. 34 8.83%
other (please reply to this thread to explain) 81 21.04%
Voters: 385. You may not vote on this poll

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"9mm kills your body, .45 kills your soul."
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All my Ex-es Live in Texas, all my pistols are 9mm.
(I do though, have a couple .357 wheelies, too.)
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Originally Posted by S&W M&P Fan View Post
Being in the Military Police Corp. I have seen the 9mm fail more than succeed, also how can you argue with the fact that the biggest majority of LEAs carry the 40 or 357 and not many carry the 9mm anymore. JMO ok let the flogging begin.
The military is badly handicapped by having to use fmj non-expanding bullets and, in that particular case, a bigger diameter bullet is obviously better. The rest of us can use hollow point, expanding or other much higher performance projectiles and that advantage very much levels the playing field.

As to the use of .40's, etc. by the police, the FBI is returning to the 9mm for its agents after dabbling with the 10 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. They have concluded modern ammo along with higher capacity and greater ease of shooting and practical accuracy outweigh the small advantage of the larger calibers. Several other police agencies have followed suit.
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I chose 9mm because I already had 2 other 9mm pistols and didn't want to add another caliber. Having said that I'd like to add that I really don't feel a need to carry a larger caliber as defense ammo in 9mm is more than adequate.
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Old January 24th, 2016, 03:17 AM   #215
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I actually switched to 9mm after carrying a 4" 1911 for around 10 yrs. I chose to switch because of capacity and the improvement of bullet tech over the last 20 yrs. Shot placement helps drop oil pressure, IMO.
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I didn't read the other responses. I hope it didn't turn into a favorite cartridge discussion. But that's not why for me.

I'm currently carrying a Kimber 3" in .45, but I'm swapping over to 9mm. Why? Round count, pure and simple. The threat has changed and continues to change. Now we have a pOTUS who wants to destabilize the country with unvetted widows and orphans who are mostly fighting age males between the ages of 20-45. I see round count as being important. I can carry far more 9mm with 2 spare mags for my 9c than I can with .45. Depending on the mags, up to 52 rounds if I'm counting right. I think the round count for the .45, same number of mags, is 23. If I really want to get crazy, but I have no idea how I'd carry them, the round count with 2 27 round mags is close to insane. Since I mostly carry off body in a Maxpedition Fatboy pack I just might be able to pull off carrying those oversize sticks.

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Originally Posted by ToddG View Post
Answer to poll question: No

Concealability is a non-issue; 9mm and .40-cal guns are identical in size for every brand I can think of.

Price of ammo is an issue, but not because "I can't afford anything but the 9mm rounds." Shooting 9mm means shooting more and practicing more for the same amount of money. If you can shoot 500 rounds of 9mm for what 400 rounds of .40 would cost you and 300 rounds of .45 would cost you, which is better?

I can shoot a 9mm faster and more accurately than a .40 or .45, too.

Finally, I'm 100% confident in the 9mm's ability to work in a self defense situation.
I totally agree with the above and the only thing I can ad to this is: The newer 9mm exotic defense ammunition is so good compared to larger calibers, according to FBI (and other reputable sources) stopping power statistics, that it becomes a no brainer to use it, for the above reasons.
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I've always carried 9 because of round count. I can carry 15 in my pistol and 15 in a spare mag comfortably. In any situation I can imagine getting myself into and out of, if 30 rounds doesn't do it, I'll suffer the consequences.
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It is often interesting to read older material.

Originally Posted by S&W M&P Fan View Post
...also how can you argue with the fact that the biggest majority of LEAs carry the 40 or 357 and not many carry the 9mm anymore. JMO ok let the flogging begin.
Today LE, including the FBI, is moving back to the 9mm.

Originally Posted by tamworth
If you carry a 9mm, do you ever wish it were a .45...?
When tamworth wrote this I had a .45 as my primary belt carry. Today I have a Shield 9mm.
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Nothin but .40.....................
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