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Sterile Skin Stapler, for bug-out bag and home.

This is a discussion on Sterile Skin Stapler, for bug-out bag and home. within the Survival forums, part of the Armory category; To better inform this thread viewers, here is an example one of the best staplers available.......used a similar one this morning. Note how small the ...

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To better inform this thread viewers, here is an example one of the best staplers available.......used a similar one this morning. Note how small the surgical staple is, which is why it has very limited application for difficult wound closures.

Also, an example of the simplest of wounds that might be appropriate to close with a stapler....shown is a laceration near the ankle; here the tissue is generally shallow in depth, the wound edges are clean and sharp, the wound edges are not far apart. Even if repaired with staples, the wound (ankle) should be splinted, otherwise the rigid staples will "cheese wire" right through the edges of the wound causing the wound to separate and open again.

The last photo is an example of a forearm wound that would be inappropriate for staples alone or a wound that an untrained person should not attempt to close.
In a healthy person, this wound would heal fine in a couple weeks with simple cleansing twice a day and some manner of clean bandage if available. Yes, there would be scar, maybe ugly, but that is what scar revision procedures are for.

Hope this helps.

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You gotta be kidding me.
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Originally Posted by mp9werks View Post
Surgical staplers are only for the most superficial and simple wound closures. The wound should not be any deeper than the depth of the staple itself, which is usually 3'16" - 1/4" in depth.

Self application of the stapler to close your own wounds is quite will require at least one forcep in one hand and the stapler in the will require the wound be visible an reachable by both hands, e.g. that rules out upper extremity wounds, most head wounds, all wounds on the backside of the body and back side of most of your lower legs.

Most novices will require an assistant to use 2 forceps to properly align the wound edges and perhaps a third person to apply the staples.

The stapler is intended to close simple lacerations that are clean with sharp wound edges......not ragged wound edges, not deep wounds.

The staples hurt to apply without local anesthetic. The staples require a special staple remover device to remove them without gouging the wound that has healed.

The staples will generally be required to remain in place for 7-14 days depending on the site of the wound closure.

Virtually all traumatic wounds, small / large will heal without sutures or staples if attended to with topical simple cleansing and patience. The final result of the scar might be improved with the use of staples, however when applied by a novice for the sake of closing a wound, your scar might not be one bit better.

The most important judgment in closing traumatic wounds is whether or not it is safe to close the wound .......was the wound depths properly cleansed, is it a high risk wound for infection e.g. farm yard soil, dirty underwater rock, animal bite, puncture wound etc.... all the above at risk for closing the wound and risking tetanus infection and what is commonly referred to as "flesh eating bacteria" to proliferate when the jubilence of closing a laceration is superceded by medical training. Most of the time when a laceration is repaired in an emergency room setting etc. the patient will not be prescribed antibiotics as all the above concerns have already been considered. Closing a wound with staples by a novice and not having even basic microbiology antibiotic coverage (which are wound specific) could be a medical disaster, leading to a severe infection or even death.
Excellent. Antibiotics should be only to treat wounds that are already dangerously infected, Otherwise, you risk making super-bugs that resist antibiotics. Ditto for sulfa(prontosil).

Only 2.8% of German soldiers died from wound infections in WWI. Antiseptics, wound debriding, tetanus antitoxin, and prompt medical treatment were the reasons.
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I discovered staplers some years ago when having my head stapled shut one time. Lost an argument with a fencepost-driver in 2006; one of my sons took this pic when I fell asleep on the couch the next day. These were put in by an ER doctor; not at home.

To me, they're like scalpels, sutures, and a lot of things - a person needs to know the limits of both the equipment and their own skill & knowledge. I do keep several on hand, but both I and my wife have been thru substantial first-aid training (my wife's actually a medical technologist of 27 years now). She's removed stitches from various parts of my body and has pulled staples out of my head at our dinner table. Not during dinner....

I'm also a fan of super glue; KrazyGlue specifically. I carry it in my woods first aid kit, and have used it on myself and numerous others quite a few times over the years. Again, not a cure-all, miracle or magic, but a handy tool within its limitations.
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